When Mitchell International needed content collaboration software for a new platform initiative, they tried Confluence. Through word of mouth, interest in Confluence began sprouting up in other areas of the business with more and more teams adopting Confluence as their single source of truth. Confluence quickly became essential to the way their teams worked and they needed a way to scale to meet the growth, so they turned to Data Center. Read their story and learn tips to help make decisions about adopting tools and scaling for growth.

Mitchell delivers smart technology solutions that simplify claims handling and repair processes, driving more accurate, consistent and cost-effective resolutions. Mitchell’s comprehensive solution portfolio and robust SaaS infrastructure connect its customers in ways that enable tens of millions of electronic transactions to be processed each month for more than 300 insurance companies, 30,000 collision repair facilities and countless other Property & Casualty industry supply partners around the world. Mitchell is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has 2,000 employees.

Other content collaboration software wasn’t cutting it

In 2016, Mitchell kicked off the Enterprise Platform Initiative, which supports the development of web-based workflow solutions between insurance companies and collision repair facilities. The Enterprise Platform team were developing new solutions and knew they needed a centralized software to retain team knowledge and information. Even though Mitchell already had similar software in place, no one on the team was keen on moving forward with it because of issues with usability and unnecessary complexity.

They tested different applications, but no single solution ever stood out. It’s a common problem. Yet everyone knows how much easier it would be to have one tool for retaining team knowledge, collaborating in real time on projects, and managing customer documentation.

Michela Baca from Mitchell International presented a webinar on navigating the journey from Confluence Server to Data Center. Click here to watch the recording.

From grassroots to Data Center

As content circulated beyond the Enterprise Platform team, other teams began experiencing the simplified site navigation and more effective search functionality of Confluence, as opposed to their existing solution which was described as “a place where documents go to die.” Unlike competitors, Confluence can handle massive amounts of information and still have everything within reach. So for all involved, Confluence was a breath of fresh air.

The more Confluence spreads, the more the overall business depends on it. But how can you help put your organization in a position to be prepared for this? In Mitchell’s case, it was the Product Manager of the Enterprise Platform team, Michela Baca, who stepped into the role of Confluence champion. After seeing so many other teams with interest in Confluence, she decided to lead an internal roadshow for various business units to promote the benefits of its use. Below, you can follow some of Michela’s tips on facilitating a roadshow and cultivating your own culture of Confluence:

  • Understand how other teams might benefit from Confluence
  • Establish Confluence ambassadors to help drive promotion within their team
  • Present a broad overview of Confluence’s capabilities, but be sure to mix in your own experiences
  • Build out a demo that showcases how your team uses and ultimately benefits from the features
  • Make the presentations interactive, encourage Q+A
  • Give the audience action items and gather feedback for capability comparisons of existing software

Throughout the roadshow, awareness and interest in Confluence continued to grow, and the eventual need for high availability was becoming increasingly apparent. When your company needs uninterrupted access and instant scalability for Confluence, there is no better option than Data Center.

Confluence Data Center is a self managed solution that gives you high availability, performance at scale, and disaster recovery for uninterrupted access to Confluence for all your teams.

Bringing the roadshow to leadership

“One server was not going to be sufficient for us. We couldn’t build a failover with a single-server situation.” – Michela Baca

Making the move to a new tool at the enterprise level is tough, especially when there’s an existing solution in the way. Senior leadership must be on board, and they need proof of concept before doing so. Putting yourself in a position to provide this can make a world of difference, just look at Mitchell. Following the success of the roadshow and feedback circulating throughout the office, Mitchell’s review board was able to make a relatively quick decision to upgrade to Data Center.

It’s not always that easy, but you can learn directly from Mitchell’s experience by taking note of these best practices:

  • Make sure Data Center is truly the right fit by reading 5 signs your company is ready for Confluence Data Center
  • Do your homework: How would work stop if the content hosted on Confluence was unavailable?
  • Ensure that you have a broad base of support
  • Be prepared with capability comparisons if your organization has an existing solution in place
  • Use feedback from internal presentations to your advantage

Champions of Confluence

Although it’s only been a short while since the implementation of Data Center at Mitchell, the results have been positive. More people are pinging the Enterprise Platform team each day, eager to build on their knowledge of Confluence, and there has been a noticeable boost in collaboration across business units.

It all started at the grassroots. Adoption came naturally because with Confluence, teams were shown a living and breathing knowledge base rather than just another document management tool. It continued to expand thanks to the help of Confluence champions like Michela, who was able to harness the rapid growth and put the organization in a position to collaborate at scale.

Michela joined us for an in-depth webinar on Mitchell’s journey, and provided tips for navigating the process of Confluence Server to Data Center. Follow the link below to access the recording!

Watch the webinar now

Mitchell International’s grassroots path to Confluence Data Center