Sneak Peek at Atlassian University

old-schoole.pngWe’ve been brewing up a little something special for our customers. Today we’re opening our new tutorial application, Atlassian University, to private beta. Atlassian University is for users who need to spin up tens, hundreds or even thousands of users on our products — and need to do so quickly.

Anyone can sign-up to request beta access, and we’ll be opening up the product in the coming days to those interested. Our only request: give us feedback and help us make the product even better.


What is it?

Atlassian University is the easiest way to teach your users how to use Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian products (although the beta is limited to Jira for now). It organizes a series of interactive tutorials that walk your users step-by step through products features and capabilities. Have you ever had to sit down with one of your users and show them how to create an issue, or assign an issue to another user, or create a dashboard? Well now you can just send them back to school and let Atlassian University show them.

The system organizes individual lessons by degree of difficulty and by product, keeping track of what each user has completed and how much further they need to go to master a particular class. Users are grouped together by company domain, so it’s like your company’s very own private tutorial system. The system currently teaches on top of the latest out-of-the-box version of each product, so it obviously won’t help users understand your custom configurations or tweaks (but we’re working on that).

Here’s a quick 1 minute video of Atlassian University in action (from sign-up to tour completion):


Sweet, sign me up!

If you would like to participate in the private beta, head over to and sign up. Keep in mind this product is built for all the individual users of your system, so those are the folks we’d most like to get feedback from.

This is the first beta of the product and your feedback will help shape the future of it!


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