Are you a skilled power user who lives in Jira Software day in and day out? Do you know how to configure projects and boards, customize workflows, and manage project permissions in your organization’s Jira Software Server (or Data Center) instance? Can you help scale your instance to meet the demands of your business, so your Jira Administrator and teams can get more work done?

If any of this hits home, then you’re a good candidate for our latest Atlassian Certification, Project Administration in Jira Server.

The Atlassian Certification you’ve been waiting for

Priced significantly lower (USD $100) than industry standard certifications, the Project Administration in Jira Server exam includes a training course to build your project administration skills and prepare you for the exam. The course covers all of the tasks and best practices involved in the creation, configuration, and maintenance of projects in Jira Software Server. The course provides access to self-paced tutorials, hands-on exercises and demonstrations, and information about what to expect on the exam, including sample exam questions.

The Certification itself is an online-proctored exam that you’ll access through a voucher provided by Atlassian. You’ll have 60-days to complete the course and exam, giving you ample time to work through both the course and exam.

Demonstrate project administration skills

The Project Administration in Jira Server Certification allows power users to differentiate themselves with an industry-recognized certification. The skills you’ll hone throughout the course will enable you to both build a foundation in project administration and learn how to optimize Atlassian products for your team.

Becoming Atlassian Certified not only means you’ll join the most elite group of Atlassian VIPs in the world, but you’ll validate your Jira Software knowledge and set yourself up for full-fledged Jira administration.

Practice makes perfect

The course includes 8 modules that total roughly 10 hours. The schedule (see below) and the duration of each module will help you fit them into your busy schedule.

The more time you put toward preparation, the better off you’ll be. Got an hour to spare on the train home? Or thinking about binge-watching episodes of a new TV show? Why not tackle a topic from the course and invest that hour (or more) in yourself instead!

There are other ways to put yourself in a better position to pass as well. You can create a study group with other Atlassian users from your company, or check out your local Atlassian User Group’s next event to share knowledge with fellow project administrators or power users from your city.

Last but not least, for more study tips from an actual Atlassian Trainer – and a member of the Atlassian Certification Advisory Panel – be sure to register for our companion webinar on the top secrets to success for Project Administration in Jira Server.

Once you feel comfortable with your knowledge of the items within the course, you’ll use your voucher to register for and take the exam. Once you rock the exam, you’re Atlassian Certified. It’s that simple!

Get Certified now

Atlassian Certification enhances your credibility, sharpens your performance, and helps you deliver world-class Atlassian experiences to teams everywhere. Earning this formal endorsement from Atlassian will propel your career for years to come and set you up to do the best work of your life.

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