Spark excellence company-wide with Atlassian HR solutions

Discover practical solutions to help your team work smarter and streamline hiring, onboarding, managing employees, and people operations. Join this webinar to learn how to add a level of coordination and engagement with Atlassian solutions that simplify and orchestrate work for your HR/People team and elevate performance across your org.

Learn how to harness the power of Atlassian solutions to streamline operations for your HR/People team – and improve performance for every employee starting from day 1.

In this webinar learn how HR can introduce tools that help:

  • break down silos between teams
  • keep all employees informed and focused on the right work
  • keep people engaged and involved



Sarah Larson headshot

Sarah Larson

Head of Global Talent Management, Talent Development, and Organizational Development

20 年来,Sarah Larson 一直在帮助创新型公司(包括 AirBnB、eBay、PayPal、Electronic Arts 和 Gap, Inc.)创建框架、系统和计划,以最大限度地提高领导能力和组织绩效。如今,她领导的团队拥有各种流程、计划和工具,可帮助 Atlassian 获得、了解和吸引优秀人才,并实现这些人才的成长和流动。

Nicki Bellington headshot

Nicki Bellington

Head of Talent Programs, Remote & Onboarding

With almost two decades of HR experience, Nicki Bellington is helping to evolve Atlassian's remote and distributed work strategy, including policy, practices, and programs through a data-driven, thoughtful, and voice-of-the-customer approach. She is also working on Atlassian’s global onboarding end-to-end strategy and experience as well as helping envision the future of work.

Ashlee Aurandt headshot

Ashlee Aurandt

Senior Program Manager, People Team

From a Governor’s office to Deloitte to Atlassian, Ashlee Aurandt has collected best practices and management experience far and wide. Valued for tackling complexities and gathering data to develop solutions, she brings a depth of perspective to keeping teams on track to get the right work done.

Paul Biagio headshot

Paul Biagio

Senior Manager IT, People Technology

Paul Biagio 拥有软件工程方面的背景,为结合了业务系统、IT 和人员计划的 Atlassian 带来了独特的视角。他所监管的全球团队力求通过可扩展的自动化解决方案来解决问题。作为一名获得认证的 Atlassian 专家,Paul 擅长实施 Jira 来构建复杂的工作流程,并善于实施 Confluence 来促进整个组织的知识传授。