The Trello Enterprise Security Guide

Slack, Jira, And More—Oh My!

Trello’s Guide To Integrations

Executive Summary

Integrations are the unsung heroes of your workflow—keeping your various tools connected and work seamless.

Use this guide to explore some of Trello’s most popular integrations, otherwise known as Power-Ups. Learn how you can connect Trello to your business' other tools and empower the teams across your company to get their best work done.

In this guide, we’ll go over:

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Design Power-Ups, like Miro

Engineering Power-Ups, like Jira

Marketing Power-Ups, like SurveyMonkey

Sales Power-Ups, like Salesforce

Support-Ups, like Zendesk

Plus Power-Ups for All Teams, like Slack & more!

Experience the productivity tool that teams love, paired with the features needed for scale - explore Trello Enterprise today.