Build a world class developer experience

Create your ultimate developer experience in days, not months, with easy onboarding and no maintenance costs.

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Reduce cognitive load with a comprehensive software component catalog



Apply health scorecards, build and communicate policies, and improve your developer experience

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Connect critical service details to save time searching and reduce context switching

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Automate consistency and accelerate paths to production with pre-built software templates

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Improve your DevEx with a unified software catalog

Reduce cognitive load with a comprehensive software component catalog so developers can find what they need, when they need it

Component overview

Get full visibility into service details with relevant APIs, libraries, documentation, key health metrics, latest deployment activities, on-call schedules, and more.

Component overview.
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Document and track all of your upstream and downstream dependencies. Understand performance impacts across teams and services.

Component activity

View all incidents, deployments, and other key activities for a service and its dependencies in one place.

Component activity.
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Get a complete view of your service health

Apply engineering best practices at scale and keep your systems reliable, performant, and secure

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Codify development and operational best practices at scale. Give teams autonomy while ensuring security, compliance, and reliability best practices are maintained.

Team dashboard

Give your teams everything they need to track the components they own and keep them in a healthy state.

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Empower teams to identify problem areas and improve service performance with retrospectives informed by engineering data.

File cabinet with code documents

Connect critical service details to save time searching

Connect critical service details to save time searching and reduce context switching

Built with extensibility in mind

Built with publicly accessible APIs, Compass empowers you to build a developer experience that is uniquely yours. Extend, customize, and evolve Compass by using existing integrations or leverage the power of Forge to build your own.


Build apps, not infrastructure

Customize Compass by leveraging Forge, Atlassian’s application development platform. Let Atlassian handle compute, storage, and security and distribute your apps to your teams.

App dropdown within COmpass
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Automate consistency and accelerate paths to production

Create golden paths to automate infrastructure provisioning and deploy pipeline setup with observability, service details, and security automatically included.

Templates screen.

Create golden paths

Create templates that integrate best practices and adhere to your organization’s standards, include preset information, boilerplate code, and webhooks, then use them to quickly build software templates and automate repetitive tasks.

Features built to meet your team’s needs

Component creation

Add components manually, via API, or import from your SCM tool


Announce important changes about components to the teams that depend on them

Component list

Get a birds-eye view of all the components within your organization.

Component search

Simple but powerful search helps you find components by name, description, team, custom fields, or labels


Utilize metrics and view the health of your components using data ingested from your toolchain

Custom fields

Define and store component metadata that is relevant to you


Speed up and standardize software component creation with reusable, customizable templates that integrate and adhere to your organization’s standards


Create scorecards to measure operational health, security, compliance and more

Apply at scale

Apply scorecards by component type, label, or tier

Flexible criteria

Utilize fields, activity, or metrics to define and what ‘healthy’ means

Criteria weighting

Use criteria weighting to define what’s important

Global scorecard view

View scores across your org and identify components that need attention