Lightning talks

Setting up the right foundation for modern work success

98% of executives agree that it isn’t where teams work that’s the problem, it’s how. So how do you fix “how?” In this new series of Lightning Talks, we’ll delve into the key foundational elements that power the most high-functioning and effective distributed teams. Lean how to do “how!”

Episode 1

A modern work manifesto for high-functioning teams


Hear from Dom Price, Atlassian Work Futurist, about a collection of practices high-functioning teams have in common and learn how to adopt them so you can supercharge your teams' output.

Episode 2

Team Anywhere: A connected workspace for distributed teams


Hear from Annie Dean, Head of Team Anywhere, and Erika Trautman, Head of Product, Work Management, about how leaders can drive clearer goals, create more focus time, and better coordinate work for their teams.

Episode 3

The economic impact of Atlassian work management


Join us for a conversation with Enterprise Strategy Group about the benefits, cost savings, and the positive impact that Atlassian’s work management solution can have on your organization.

Atlassian Work Management

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