Atlassian + LaunchDarkly integration

Together, Atlassian and LaunchDarkly give teams greater visibility into and control over feature releases. We allow you to access critical release information from a single place, thus enabling you to boost efficiency, improve collaboration, and deliver a topflight customer experience. Move faster with confidence.

Atlassian + LaunchDarkly
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Get context on a feature when you need it

Teams can see feature flag statuses displayed on a Jira Software issue and access critical information about a feature, like if it’s in production or not, when it matters most.

Feature flag status on display in Jira Software
Feature flag creation in Jira Software

Control features right from Jira Software

Start creating new feature flags from the Jira Software issue screen to streamline development.

Tie existing flags to a Jira Software story

Connect an existing LaunchDarkly feature flag to a Jira Software story with just a couple of clicks—no copy and pasting required. Get a holistic view of your releases.

Connect existing LaunchDarkly Feature flag to Jira Software
Bitbucket Cloud

Unlock the power of DevOps and CI/CD

Insert LaunchDarkly feature flag actions directly into your Bitbucket Pipeline's continuous delivery flow. Creating and enabling feature flags via Bitbucket Pipelines gives you the control you need to release confidently, reduce risk, and gather valuable feedback on new functionality. Learn more.

Creating and enabling LaunchDarkly feature flags via Bitbucket pipelies
Launch Darkly code references highlight all your feature flags

Get a 360-degree view of your code

Code References in LaunchDarkly show you every feature flag in your codebase in a digestible format. By baking Code References into your standard build and deployment workflows with Bitbucket Pipes, you get the assurance of knowing that you've enabled the right feature flags in production and that you've removed the right flags from your code when a rollout is done.

Enjoy the power of feature flags without the technical debt. Learn more.

Why LaunchDarkly and Atlassian?

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Improve cross-team collaboration

Being able to access relevant data for a feature rollout in a shared tool allows everyone to stay in the know, better communicate, and drive the best outcomes.

Reduce context switching and confusion

Jumping between different tools to fetch key information breeds confusion and can, in turn, lead to errors. Keep a clear mind with a single source of truth for releases.

Boost efficiency

The ability to see and create feature flags in Jira Software saves considerable time, allowing teams to focus on high-impact projects.


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Resource: The Definitive Guide to Feature Management

Discover what feature flags are and how to enjoy the full benefits of feature management.

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Report: The Total Economic Impact of LaunchDarkly

Know the risks, costs, benefits and ROI. Get The Total Economic Impact™ of LaunchDarkly, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

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Docs: Setting up the LaunchDarkly Jira integration

Learn how LaunchDarkly's Jira integration allows you to link your feature flags to your team's Jira issues.

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