The European Banking Authority (EBA) is an independent EU authority tasked with implementing a standard set of rules to regulate and supervise banking across all EU countries. Due to the critical role that financial institutions play in the financial stability of an economy, the EBA built regulations to ensure financial stability and consumer confidence.

In support of all our European customers operating within the financial services space, Atlassian has developed a cloud solution that will allow our customers to be compliant with the EBA’s regulations and guidances. We also offer similar protection for our German customers that are expected to abide by these regulations as well as the ones set by Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, please visit our BaFin page to learn more.

These requirements, like the majority of security and compliance protocols, are a shared responsibility between the outsourcing vendor (cloud service provider) and financial institutions in Europe to assess whether they are abiding by the regulatory standards set by the EBA. Our EBA outsourcing guidance offers specific mappings to each requirement and how we assist in meeting your obligations, including information on audit rights, security of data systems, location of data processing, chain outsourcing, and termination. To learn more about our commitment to safeguard your data, visit our Security Practices page.

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Cloud の認定を取得済みですか? セキュリティとリスクに関する質問表に回答してもらうことはできますか? 詳しい情報はどこでダウンロードできますか?


アトラシアン コミュニティの信頼とセキュリティのグループに参加すると、アトラシアンのセキュリティ チームと直接やりとりでき、アトラシアン製品を安全かつ信頼できる方法で使用するための情報、ヒント、ベスト プラクティスを共有できます。


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