Launch into Confluence Cloud from Server and Data Center

Check out the new features and benefits of Confluence Cloud that sets it apart from Server and Data Center

You’ve migrated to Confluence Cloud: Now what?

Since you’ve moved to Confluence Cloud, you may be wondering how it's different (and better!) than Server and Data Center. With Confluence Cloud, you can collaborate more easily, get work done faster, and find and share work without skipping a beat.

The Confluence Cloud advantage

Confluence Cloud provides advanced capabilities to more easily collaborate, create, and share content

Graphs and pencils

Simplified collaboration

Work closely with team members using enhanced inline comment features and smart links


Increased productivity

Get work done quickly with new macros and shortcuts available in the editor

Graphs and pencils

Create quality content

Generate diverse content faster with new templates only available on Confluence Cloud

Best practices from user experts

Learn how our Marketplace Partners use Confluence Cloud to share knowledge and collaborate with their teams

Create organized pages

By Creativas

Build engaging pages

Create & customize tables

By StiltSoft

Create customizable tables in Confluence Cloud

Create new pages

By StiltSoft

Add new pages in Confluence Cloud

Publish pages

By Comalatech

Publish pages in Confluence Cloud

Embed external content

By Yasoon
Linked clips

Insert external content in your pages

Collaborating in Confluence

By Gliffy
Graphs and pencils

Work better together in Confluence Cloud

Confluence Cloud Editor

By Appfire
Cup of pencils

Discover new editor functions

Confluence Analytics

By K15t

Unlock the power of analytics

Confluence Mobile App

By K15t

Access thousands of pages from your pocket

Training and resources

Check out the various resources available for you to learn more and get hands-on training

Grad cap

Boost your skills with a free training course

Learn how to use Confluence Cloud in just 30-minutes

Message bubbles

Cloud migration community

Hear directly from other Cloud migration users

Support book

New user support resources

Use Cloud support documentation and other resources

Support book

Confluence product guides

Learn how to use Confluence to transform the way your team works

75,000+ customers are using Confluence Cloud for their team collaboration and work optimization.

90% of customers consider Cloud to be mission-critical for their team collaboration and work optimization

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