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Strategic plan template

Létrehozta: Pratima Arora, Head of Confluence @ Atlassian

Sketch the competitive landscape and your plan to stand out

A sablon használata
Business strategy template

The meeting’s scheduled. Your strategy’s ready. All you need is leadership to say yes to your plan. Use the business strategy template to focus your thoughts before you present your product vision and strategic plan to executive leadership. Once executive leadership understands your strategy, use our template to organize your execution plan.

Hogyan használd a sablont (strategic plan)?

Step 1. Lead with an executive summary

Kick off your meeting the right way with an executive summary. This provides executive leadership context for your analysis and will help them understand and adopt your strategic plan. Start by reviewing your company’s recent performance. Then summarize key struggles, successes, and lessons learned that inform your strategy.

Step 2. Analyze your business

Now that you’ve set the stage, you can present the market landscape and your business analysis to executive leadership. To make sure leadership understands your strategic plan, organize your thoughts with our template. Start by presenting your competitors' strengths and weaknesses. Then focus your analysis by prioritizing target audiences.

Step 2. Analyze your business

Step 3. Present your strategic plan

Before you get into the details of your plan, inspire executive leadership by presenting the vision that guides your business strategy. This will help leadership understand how your strategic plan successfully navigates the competitive landscape. When you present your strategic plan, prioritize goals and make sure to include key success metrics. Finish your meeting by laying out your execution plan and following up on open questions.

Step 3. Present your strategic plan

Pratima Arora

Head of Confluence @ Atlassian

Pratima Arora is the Head of Product for Confluence. She is a product junkie, geek at heart and mom of two.

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