Fiabilidad en Atlassian

Organizations run mission critical projects and operations on Atlassian products – that's why we are committed to delivering products, applications, and networks that are stable and secure at scale.

Subir a la nube

Infraestructura de alojamiento en la nube de Atlassian

Our cloud infrastructure takes advantage of elastic scale, multi-level redundancy, and failure options across regions to reduce latency, maintain reliability, and scale with your organization's needs.

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Transparencia de estado en tiempo real

We make it easy to stay informed on our system availability and performance at all times. The real-time status of Atlassian cloud products are posted on our Statuspage.

Indicador de velocidad

Rendimiento de la plataforma

We continuously look for ways to improve product and platform performance by monitoring key performance metrics, such as load times, search responsiveness, and attachments. We've also reduced latency for customers around the world by hosting our cloud infrastructure in six distinct geographic regions.

Ajuste de controles deslizantes

Protección de datos y productos

Your business demands uniform reliability and uptime. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs ensure the impact on our customers is minimized in the event of a disruption to our operations. Should you need to recover your data, rest assured knowing our backup program automatically performs daily application and database backups for Atlassian cloud products.

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Controles de calidad

We are relentless when it comes to preventing possible points of failure. We implement controls at every point of the development lifecycle using SOC2, ISO 27002 and ISO 22301 standards and practices. We also utilize industry-verified quality control processes, such as chaos engineering, staging environments, and internal dogfooding, enabling us to proactively identify issues.

Símbolo de error

Nuestro proceso de gestión de incidentes de seguridad:

Our security team uses best-in-class security threat detection and prevention, however, we also recognize that security incidents can (and do) still happen, so we’ve developed an integrated, global incident management process.

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