Data Center cleanup features

Built-in features make it easy for admins to identify and clean up clutter

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Say goodbye to clutter and hello to better performance

The sheer volume of data created by teams over time can be overwhelming, making it hard to find what you need and degrading performance. Take advantage of Data Center’s built-in cleanup features so you can maintain peak productivity and performance.

Why is it important to you?

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Maintain your instance’s performance as you scale

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Reduce clutter and make space for what matters most

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Drive team productivity by optimizing your instance

Remove clutter with Data Center’s product-specific cleanup tools

Every Data Center product has unique features that are purpose-built to enable easy cleanup. While the features vary, the purpose is the same: make it easy to identify and remove clutter and decrease the likelihood of future clutter accumulating.

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To get started cleaning up your instance, visit the "Clean up" page in your admin system settings.

Cleanup features by product

Jira Software


Jira Service Management

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Archive old projects

Archive projects you’re no longer using. This helps improve search result relevance and performance.


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Audit custom fields

Audit and remove any unwanted custom fields. This can help speed up indexing time. If you’re not ready to remove some of the fields, try optimizing their context.


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Archive old issues

Archive issues that are no longer needed. This reduces the total number of issues, which can speed up your Jira site.



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Set retention rules

Automatically delete previous versions of pages and attached files. This reduces the version history data stored in your database and file system.


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Identify unused spaces

Use analytics data to identify spaces that have not been viewed or updated recently. This helps you decide which spaces to archive.


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Archive unused spaces

Archive old or unwanted spaces to exclude them from search. This helps improve search result relevance.



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Automatically decline inactive pull requests

Automatically decline pull requests that have had no activity for a set amount of time. This helps to keep the list of open pull requests relevant.


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Delete inactive repositories

quickly identify and delete unwanted repositories that haven't been accessed for a while. You can delete multiple repositories all at once, which helps reduce clutter.


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