Scaling your teams, applications, and infrastructure

Learn about the latest features we are bringing to our Server and Data Center offerings.

Scaling your enterprise can mean different things depending on who you ask. It can mean scaling your teams - taking what’s great about your high-performing teams and scaling that company-wide. Or it can mean scaling your infrastructure - making sure you can keep systems up, stay prepared for the future, and support the ever-increasing demands of your users. Whether scaling your enterprise refers to teams, infrastructure, applications or all of the above, one thing is for sure - you need the right products and guidance to support these efforts.

In this webinar, you'll hear all about

  • New Server and Data Center features
  • Investments we are making in our Server and Data Center products
  • Tips for scaling different ways of work, such as Agile, IT, or the productivity of your developers


Junie Dinda headshot

Junie Dinda

Head of Enterprise Marketing

Junie leads the enterprise marketing team at Atlassian which consists of both our Atlassian Cloud and Atlassian Data Center offerings. Junie has worked at Atlassian for ~six years, and prior to that, has held product marketing leadership positions at other technology companies. When not thinking about messaging and products, Junie enjoys supporting Michigan Football and making wine.

Patrick Richardson headshot

Patrick Richardson

Group Product Manager, Data Center

Patrick bringt die globale Vision und Strategie für Atlassian Data Center-Produkte voran und setzt sich intensiv dafür ein, mit starken Produktteams und soliden Prozessen große Ziele umzusetzen.

Vor Atlassian war Patrick 12 Jahre lang in verschiedenen Bereichen als Senior Product Manager tätig. In seiner Freizeit veranstaltet er gerne ein typisch amerikanisches BBQ und sieht sich Alabama Football an. Er besitzt einen schwarzen Gürtel im Taekwondo sowie einen blauen Gürtel im brasilianischen Jiu-Jitsu. Er nimmt gerne jede Gelegenheit wahr, auf Reisen zu gehen und neue Kulturen zu entdecken.