Manual note-taking can be tedious, inconsistent, and time-consuming. But it’s necessary for project collaboration, alignment, and productivity across teams. AI-powered meeting notes tools can help teams take detailed and accurate meeting notes without the tedium.

This article explores the benefits of AI meeting tools and essential features to consider. It also looks at eight top tools for taking meeting notes with AI and how they can transform your note-taking process.

What are AI meeting tools?

AI meeting note tools use artificial intelligence technology to automate and enhance note-taking in team meetings and other collaborative sessions. They work by recording audio files from the meeting and converting speech to text via automatic transcription. The software identifies key discussion points, action items, decisions, and other important details from the conversation.

The benefits of using AI meeting tools

AI meeting tools enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of team meeting documentation and follow-up, leading to more productive team meetings.

Here are some of the key benefits of using AI meeting tools:

  • Increased productivity: AI meeting note tools transcribe your meetings. They streamline the note-taking process by converting spoken words into text. This automation lets participants focus on the discussion rather than jotting notes.
  • Improved accuracy: AI meeting note-takers precisely capture recorded details, which is beneficial for technical discussions or specific data points. It also reduces human error.
  • Enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing: AI tools often have features that support a collaborative culture of editing and sharing meeting notes in real-time.
  • Time savings: Instead of manually organizing and distributing notes, AI meeting notes can save time with ready-to-share summaries, highlight key points and action items, and speed up the post-meeting workflow.

What to look for in AI meeting tools

When evaluating AI meeting note tools, consider their effectiveness and suitability for your team’s needs.

Here are aspects to keep in mind:

  • Speech recognition accuracy: Accurate speech recognition ensures meeting notes are a reliable record of the discussion.
  • Summarization capabilities: These tools should transcribe and intelligently summarize the meeting’s key points, decisions, and action items.
  • Integration with other tools: AI for meetings seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow and productivity apps, including calendar apps for scheduling, project management tools for tracking action items, or communication platforms for sharing notes.
  • Collaboration features: Team members should be able to edit, comment on, and share real-time meeting notes, which helps capture all perspectives.
  • Security measures: Look for AI meeting summary tools that offer strong security measures, including data encryption, secure storage, and controlled access. This ensures your information remains confidential.

Top 8 AI tools for meeting notes

From real-time transcription services to software with advanced analytics and summarization capabilities, these AI tools for meeting notes use AI to transform the mundane task of note-taking into a strategic asset.

Confluence: Best for collaborative editing and knowledge sharing

With Confluence, multiple people can edit the same page simultaneously. Cursor labels and document avatars allow users to see who’s in the document and who’s writing what. Comments and @mentions can appear in publish or edit mode, facilitating discussion and feedback.

Confluence integrates generative AI into its editor so users can summarize meeting notes, define action items, and brainstorm meeting agendas. This AI-powered collaborative editing experience makes Confluence the best AI meeting assistant for cross-functional teams to produce high-quality meeting notes.

Confluence whiteboards: Best for brainstorming

Confluence whiteboards is a digital canvas that brings the flexibility and creativity of traditional whiteboarding into the digital realm. It also incorporates brainstorming best practices. Stickies make it easy to jot and organize ideas dynamically, while a timer helps keep brainstorming sessions on track. Stamps and stickers provide a fun and expressive way to give feedback, vote on ideas, or add a personal touch.

Confluence’s AI-enhanced editor and the ability to turn sticky notes into actionable Jira issues or detailed Confluence pages make Confluence whiteboards an unparalleled tool for transforming freeform brainstorming into structured, actionable tasks. Best for real-time transcription captures live conversations, whether in-person or virtual, with impressive accuracy. It works across platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Its standout features include OtterPilot, which generates live summaries. It can also highlight takeaways and tag teammates to assign action items.

Evernote: Best for organizing meeting notes

Evernote manages meeting notes, offers real-time editing, and integrates tasks to outline next steps and assignments. Its AI-powered search helps users quickly find what they need, when they need it, across notes, PDFs, documents, and images.

Tactiq: Best for detailed meeting analytics

Tactiq uses AI to enhance meeting productivity and extract insights. It offers live, speaker-specific transcriptions for Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. This allows accurate capture and attribution of every participant’s contributions. 

AI meeting actions streamline the post-meeting workflow by generating summaries, crafting follow-up emails with action items, and formatting project updates with a single click. Tactiq’s OpenAI integration allows for custom queries directly from meeting transcripts. This provides tailor-made results and enhances the tool’s analytical capabilities. Best for advanced note-taking automatically records and transcribes meetings across various video-conferencing apps, such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. Its AI-powered search helps users quickly find and review specific meeting parts. It can also generate transcripts in multiple languages. 

The platform supports collaborative features, which let users add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of conversations. You can also share meeting notes with collaboration apps like Slack.

Krisp: Best for noise cancellation

Krisp uses AI-powered technology to deliver clear, distraction-free calls. It effectively removes background voices, microphone and speaker noise, and echoes that can disrupt communication. Krisp’s real-time inflection changes also facilitate understanding by dynamically adjusting accents. This makes it easier for participants to follow the conversation.

Sembly: Best for high-level insights

Sembly excels at turning meetings into searchable records, enabling users to search by keyword, key item, or attendee, eliminating the need to re-listen to entire meetings. Its high-accuracy transcription, speaker identification, and ability to clear filler words ensure the capture of and easy access to every important decision, issue, risk, event, and requirement. Sembly also generates smart meeting notes with summaries, discussed topics, and their details, which streamlines the post-meeting review process.

Implement AI meeting note-taking with Confluence

AI meeting notes are transforming how teams document, analyze, and act upon the content of their discussions. From Confluence’s collaborative capabilities to Sembly’s high-level insights, each tool offers unique benefits to streamline the note-taking process.

To implement AI meeting note-taking using Confluence features, follow these steps and best practices:

  1. Set up Confluence: Create a Confluence space to store all meeting notes. This acts as a single source of truth for your team’s meeting documentation.
  2. Use templates: Confluence’s meeting notes template helps standardize the format of your notes to ensure consistency. This also makes it easier for team members to find information.
  3. Integrate with Calendar: Create meeting agendas and link them to calendar invites to ensure participants can access and contribute to the agenda before the meeting starts.
  4. Real-time collaboration: During the meeting, take advantage of Confluence’s live edit feature, which allows multiple people to edit the page simultaneously. Use cursor labels and document avatars to track contributions.
  5. Engage with comments: Use comments and @mentions to facilitate discussion and feedback during and after a meeting.
  6. Assign action items: Clearly define action items with due dates and assign them to team members using @mentions for accountability and follow-through.
  7. Automate with AI: Integrate AI-powered apps from the Atlassian Marketplace for your team’s specific use cases.
  8. Review and follow up: Send an email with an AI-generated summary and action items when a meeting notes page is published.
  9. Ensure security: Secure your Confluence space with proper permissions to protect sensitive information.

Get started with Confluence’s meeting notes template

AI meeting notes: Frequently asked questions

How do AI meeting tools work?

AI meeting tools use AI to automate the capturing and organizing of meeting notes. They record the meeting audio and process it using speech recognition technology to transcribe the spoken words into text. It can also identify key discussion points, action items, and decisions made.

Are AI meeting tools suitable for all types of meetings?

AI meeting note tools are ‌suitable for various meeting types, but there are some limitations to consider. Factors such as audio quality, speech clarity, and the subject matter’s complexity can influence their effectiveness, so it’s important to choose the right AI meeting notes tool with all the features your team needs.

How can you ensure the privacy of AI meeting notes?

Users should opt for tools that offer secure storage and data encryption to protect the meeting recordings and other recorded information. Choose AI meeting tools that provide robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption for both in-transit and at-rest data.

Enhance productivity with AI meeting notes