"Do hybrid or remote teams need to conduct offsites in person?"

"Can true agile adoption actually scale?"

"Should asynchronous work be the new default?"


On this show, we take workplace practices and separate the hype from the helpful. In each episode, two Atlassians debate how the practice should be applied, if at all.

Join host, Christine Dela Rosa, as she poses questions to debaters, Marshall Walker Lee, Dominique Ward, Shannon Winter, and Kelvin Yap.

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A lot of people think of annual planning as a necessary evil. But, after the past few years of unpredictability and torn-up plans... is it still serving its purpose? Alternative planning methods are out there, but are they really any better? See episode page

So many companies are reworking their relationship with diversity, equity, and inclusion actions this year, as they should. But for affinity groups within companies, like ERGs or BRGs, developed to support underrepresented groups – what is the best role for leadership to play? See episode page

The offsite is a staple – for individual teams, departments, or even entire companies. A chance for everyone to get OOO, bond, and get some deep work done. But today, as more and more teams are moving to hybrid or remote working, are offsites necessary? Find out if your distributed team really needs to meet IRL. See episode page

“Agile” is one of the buzziest workplace practices today - all about moving fast and breaking things, and iterating to perfection. The practice has picked up fans and detractors, as more and more companies have left waterfall methodologies in their wake. But is agile the way to go for all teams, and can it actually scale? See episode page

Should that meeting have been an email? We all know what it's like to sit through a long and pointless meeting, but a good live gathering can be more inspiring than any async exchange. So whether you’re working remotely or in the office, what should be the default way of collaborating – asynchronous, or live? See episode page

Is there a shortcut to innovative ideas? Some say hackathons are a pressure cooker for out-of-the-box thinking, and others say they’re just a recipe for half-baked prototypes. See episode page

The name is hard to defend, but the practice of “dogfooding” is a staple in product development. But should every company be product testing this way...or should we leave this practice behind? See episode page

Is your company working as well as it could be? This new podcast from Atlassian brings you fun and fiery debates over today's trendiest workplace practices, from dogfooding to agile at scale, asynchronous collaboration to ERGs. Join us as we argue if and how you should add these practices to your work life. New episodes out September 7th. See episode page

Meet the debate team

Christine Dela Rosa | HOST

Christine Dela Rosa | HOST
Brand Lead on Ways of Working, Atlassian

"Each of us has a unique set of lived experiences. So I like to think that all conversations are hot-takes."

Marshall Walker Lee

Marshall Walker Lee
Creative Lead for Learning Experiences, Atlassian

"He may have lacked Tony the Tiger’s rhetorical flair, but Toucan Sam was the more effective debater—IMHO."

Dominique Ward

Dominique Ward
Head of Design Ops, Atlassian

"Constantly questioning the thing-in-itself."

Shannon Winter

Shannon Winter
Corporate Brand Lead, Atlassian

"I learned everything I need to know from Cher's iconic 'RSVP' debate speech in Clueless."

Kelvin Yap

Kelvin Yap
Senior Product Marketing Manager for DevOps, Atlassian

"A hotdog is a sandwich."