Work Check Season 3 Episode Trailer

Season three is coming soon

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Season three of Work Check is all about debating the way your remote or hybrid team is collaborating, with questions about the best ways to Zoom, ping, Slack, and DM your teammates.

Join Christine Dela Rosa and a team of debaters for new episodes every other Tuesday.


Christine Dela Rosa: 

Hello listeners!

It’s Christine, dropping into the feed to let you know Work Check is coming back for a third season.

We’re taking on the questions you might already be asking at your hybrid or remote workplace. Topics like: 

  • Should you always keep your camera on in Zoom meetings?
  • Can your remote team skip the daily standup?
  • Are emojis really work-appropriate?

All that and more on this season of Work Check, from Atlassian. 

New episodes are out every other Tuesday starting in March.