Work Check Season 2 Episode Trailer

Season two is coming soon!

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Our workplaces today are changing fast – but which changes are actually going to serve us best? Work Check takes your most pressing questions about the ways we work together and hashes out the best arguments on either side.

Join host Christine Dela Rosa and a team of debaters to challenge the status quo on the ways you think about or show up for work.

It’s never been more important to think about the ways we interact with our teammates, whether we’re heading back to the office or staying remote. So this season we’re debating questions like:
Should you really wear PJs to a work zoom? Could the 4-day work week be a game changer for your team? And, should you only give your coworker feedback to their face? All that and more on this season of Work Check.



Christine Dela Rosa:
Be it resolved: Work Check is back! On our show, we examine the ways we work and question if they're still working for us. Two debaters join us each episode to share the research and stories behind ways of working today. This season we're asking: should your team try a four-day work week?

Kelvin Yap:
Let's be real. Who doesn't want a three-day weekend?

Christine Dela Rosa:
Or do you really want to accept your coworker's friend request?

Maren Hotvedt:
I don't need my coworkers to see my weekend shenanigans.

Christine Dela Rosa:
How casual is too casual, even for Zoom?

Dominique Ward:
If I'm wearing pajamas, I'm ready for bed.

Christine Dela Rosa:
All that and more on this season of Work Check. New episodes out on Tuesdays, starting March 29th.