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Almost two years ago, Atlassian announced that we’ll be simplifying our Server and Data Center offerings to focus on delivering a world-class cloud experience and that support for our Server products will end in February 2024. As a company that made our own transition to the cloud, we believe that making the move is a critical step toward keeping resources invested in what matters most and delivering value to customers fast. With the end of Server support rapidly approaching, we understand that evaluating your options and making a migration plan is top of mind. But it might be overwhelming to know where to start, which is why we developed the Cloud Specialization program to honor and distinguish our top Cloud Solution Partners to make it easier for you to identify a partner to work with.

Deciding which Cloud Specialized Partner works for you

Atlassian Partner Program launches specializations for cloud, agile at scale, and ITSM

Although many companies are excited about the increased productivity and built-in security and compliance available on Cloud, making a plan to get there can be daunting. There are several decisions to make, from understanding the scope of your migration in regards to timelines, budgets, and security considerations to deciding on the actual migration method, what apps should be moved, and if the move will be a lift-and-shift or a complete rebuild. All of these aspects are critical to the success of your organization’s cloud adoption – the question is, can you do it alone?

My initial thought was, ‘We got this. We can do it ourselves.’ In hindsight, working with [a Cloud Specialized Partner] was key to getting us there.

Marty Hagewood, Software Development Manager at EMC

Cloud Specialized Partners have expert-level experience

While you certainly can tackle a migration yourself, it’s impossible to know what you don’t know. That’s why we recommend evaluating whether you should bring on a partner, especially if your migration is a complex one. Our Cloud Specialization program is designed for you to choose from a group of partners who have a demonstrated skillset in cloud.

The program is a network of our most advanced partners who have expert-level experience in successfully implementing cloud services, including but not limited to:

  • managing migration projects, such as readiness and implementation, from active oversight through to execution
  • tailoring services for training for internal teams, product integrations, customizations, process automation, and security needs
  • optimizing and resolving customer use cases that involve enterprise-level complexity, pivoting quickly to resolve unexpected requirements while keeping pace with the project timeline
  • guiding strategies for additional aspects of the project, including new integrations and apps 

Cloud Specialized Partners make complex migrations seamless

Here’s what you should know about Cloud migration, according to those who’ve been there

Cloud Specialized partners earn their titles by fulfilling rigorous requirements in specific areas like cloud assessment, custom apps and data migration, full end-to-end migration, and governance. Their focus area is specifically set on larger projects, so they’re ready to support even the most complex migrations.

Atlassian continues to pour efforts into building the best, most innovative experience for our customers. Working with a partner means you’ll be able to migrate quickly with minimal friction and start enjoying life on Cloud.

Cloud Specialization Partners are resourceful

You don’t have to tackle your migration on your own. We have several resources at your fingertips and a dedicated group of partners ready and able to assist. For example, they can help build a plan for exactly what you need so that your budget isn’t stretched. Whatever the business case, Atlassian and Specialized Solution Partners are working closer than ever to make the move to Cloud as seamless as possible with minimum downtime.

Check out our group of partners to see who would be the best fit for your business. You can also scroll through our Partner Directory and toggle “Cloud” under Specializations to view the list of our current partners, including their territory and accomplishments with Atlassian.

How Cloud Specialized Partners can benefit you