Atlassian’s partner network is committed to helping unleash the potential of every team. Our partners complement Atlassian business with consulting, implementation services, and unique solutions, including industry specializations and geographic coverage that help our customers better use – and expand their use of – Atlassian products. As our primary services arm, we count on our partners to help our customers succeed. To continue driving their success, we’re launching a Partner Specialization Program for cloud, agile at scale, and ITSM, which will help partners drive their business value and differentiation in the market.

Atlassian’s commitment to our partners

Last year, we adjusted our Partner Program requirements to be a better fit in emerging versus developed regions across the world in order to focus on value-added elements – such as skilled resources through accreditations and certifications – rather than reselling. We also introduced new cloud requirements for partners in these regions to better align with Atlassian’s land-and-expand strategy. As a result, we’ve seen a corresponding growth in the number of high-caliber partners in our program.

Specializations are the next logical step in the evolution of the Solution Partner Program. These partners will earn specializations by fulfilling rigorous training in specific areas, including solution enablement, customer satisfaction, and solution-specific engagements.

Partners will enjoy more recognition and more flexibility

  • The Atlassian Specialization Program is designed to provide a clear distinction to those who have a dedicated solution practice and deliver consistent, high-quality services to optimize customer satisfaction and success.
  • Specialized partners will receive increased recognition, benefits, and incentives for their investment in solution services practices aligned to the Atlassian strategy. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the return on those investments.

Customers will have access to the partners most suited to their needs

  • Specialized partners will support enterprise-level complexities that our customers deal with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Using a combination of partner type, program level, partner specializations, and other Atlassian-verified expertise, customers can identify the partners that are best suited for their unique needs.
  • Working with specialized partners will help customers accelerate time to value with agile at scale, cloud, and ITSM implementations.

Looking ahead

This new program is one of the many initiatives Atlassian is launching to support our long-term strategy to build a world-class partner program.

As we look ahead at the future of Atlassian, partners play a vital role in our customers’ success as a way of complimenting the Atlassian tools. Our partner’s focus on their offerings and deep expertise around specific solutions and verticals is the key to their growth.

Atlassian Partner Program launches specializations for cloud, agile at scale, and ITSM