Last week, I was going through some specifications in Confluence with a relatively new Atlassian employee. As he was looking for a page he’d recently worked on, I casually mentioned, “Just hit G then R.” He did, and the Recently viewed pages popup appeared, letting him see all the pages he’d been working on recently.

Him: “MATE! I didn’t know about this! You’re my hero.”

Me: “No worries mate.”

Alright, maybe he didn’t say I was his hero, but it made me realize that it’s quite easy for Atlassians to learn all the tips and tricks in our products – after all, we sit next to the developers that build the products we use every day. But then I thought about our customers (that’s you!), and I wanted to share some of the things that can give you back a couple minutes in your day, or hours in your week. That’s why I’m kicking off a series of blog posts about some features, tips, and tricks in Fisheye and Crucible and that can help you in your daily use of our products.

So let’s get started with my top Crucible shortcuts today.

1. Jumping through diffs and comments

Use j’ and k’ when you’re in a review to jump through the previous or next elements of a review.

Navigate through comments, diffs, and more

Navigate through comments, diffs and more

The elements that you want to jump to can be selected via the dropdown next to the Prefs setting in the review header. You can choose between files, comments, defects, and diffs and combine the options as you want. When pressing j’ or k’, you will automatically navigate to the previous or next item in the review.


2. Reply to a comment

When you’re viewing a comment on a review you can press r’ to open the reply form. When combined with the navigation shortcuts, this makes the whole review process easier.

image2014-6-24 14-27-46

Reply to a comment

3. Leave a comment unread

There are times when you want to leave a comment unread and come back to it later. This can be simply done by pressing ‘m’ when you’re focused on a comment.

image2014-6-24 14-26-50

Leave a comment unread

If a comment has been left unread, you will have to manually mark it as read in your review to change its state. But don’t worry! You just have to press ‘m’ again to do that.


4. Quick access to all review actions

Last but not least, let me introduce the do-it-all shortcut for the review actions. If you need to edit the details of a review, complete or execute any of the command related to a review you can trigger the review action popup by pressing ‘.’ (period).

image2014-6-24 14-44-38

Access all review actions

As soon as you press ‘.’ you will see a popup window allowing you to find and trigger any of the actions available for that review.

Get a list of all shortcuts

These are just the shortcuts that I end up using the most, but we certainly have more shortcuts available in Crucible. You can have a list of all the shortcuts by pressing ‘?’ on your keyboard.

image2014-6-24 14-51-1

Get the list of all shortcuts

Let us know what shortcuts you rely on!

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Fisheye and Crucible tips & tricks: my favorite shortcuts