Code reviews are essential to shipping quality code. However, they can be time-consuming, so having features that make collaboration easy is vital to shipping with both accuracy and speed. The new Fisheye & Crucible 4.2 release delivers many exciting features to streamline the review process and help your team ship quality code faster than ever. Read on to see what you are getting in this release.

Resolvable comments to ship better code

Often, code review is not as simple as just approving or rejecting the code. It’s more involved than that where the process requires some additional actions (e.g. corrections, tests, updates, etc.) before the review can be completed. Now, both authors and reviewers can mark comments as “Needs resolution”, so no review-related task will ever be forgotten. Then, once the comment gets addressed, it can then be marked as “Resolved”. In addition, developers can easily filter and see all outstanding items in the activity stream based on their status: Unresolved or Resolved.


Ability to rename repositories

Over time, projects and libraries tend to be split, merged or simply moved or renamed because their purpose has changed. This happens to repositories, too. With Fisheye & Crucible 4.2, we introduced the ability to instantly change the name of a repository so that it can reflect its current name in the remote SCM. The rename operation is instantaneous and doesn’t require any further actions (such as reindexing).


Improved Bitbucket Server integrations

Since the introduction of Flexible Repository Management in the Fisheye 4.1 release, the team wanted to unlock full administration capabilities for repository-level administrators. We’re happy to announce that Repository-level administrators can now manage and add new Bitbucket Server repositories with one click using the Bitbucket Server repositories tab in the administration settings.


Review workflow conditions API

The Fisheye & Crucible 4.2 release gives you the power of extensibility with a new API and plugin module to easily connect to the review transition process and prevent transitions from happening under certain programmable conditions. Learn more on how to write new workflow plugins with the Workflow Conditions Tutorial.

Other improvements we introduced in Fisheye & Crucible 4.2 release include the ability to search for text via the browser and more. Check out the Crucible and Fisheye 4.2 release notes for more info.We hope that you are as excited about these new features as we are. Get the latest release of Fisheye & Crucible 4.2 and see for yourself how the new features work to improve your team productivity.

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Fisheye & Crucible 4.2: resolvable comments and more