For more than 10 years, Fisheye & Crucible have helped teams all over the world build awesome software. As time goes by, teams are growing, technologies are changing, and code history is accumulating. We noticed that as our customers’ businesses scaled, administration became a game-changer for them to increase productivity. In this rapidly changing world, it’s also important to stay up to date with modern technologies and keep an eye on performance and usability improvements.

With Fisheye & Crucible 4.1 you’ll enter the new world of repository-level administration with the option for instance administrators to delegate permissions to add and manage particular repositories. We also now support SVN 1.9, as well as expose SVN merge info in the commit graph. We’ve improved the screen you often see: the “Edit Review” dialog. So we’re happy and excited to introduce you to a brand new Fisheye & Crucible 4.1 version!

Flexible repository management to rescue your instance administrator

Forget about one person performing every single required action and managing access rights and adding or removing user groups for hundreds of repositories. From now on your Fisheye & Crucible instance administrator can delegate permissions to manage individual repositories without giving global administration access. It’s now possible to grant permission to manage all repository settings and to perform maintenance, including re-indexing, stopping and removing repository access from a particular user or user-group.


We also updated the Global Permissions screen to make it more user-friendly and consistent across Atlassian tools. You can define the access type for every user/groups and give permissions to add new repositories.

SVN 1.9 support and merge information improvements

Working across multiple SCM systems is a critical component of Fisheye & Crucible with many of our customers using both SVN & Git. We’re happy to announce that SVN 1.9 is now supported by both bundled SVNKit and a native library. If you’re already using SVN 1.9, you can keep SVN server and Fisheye & Crucible on the same machine and to access repositories over file:// protocol for maximum performance.

Since the majority of our customers have massive code history, SVN merge information is now visible in the Commit Graph to make it easier for you to investigate your history and big branch changes.

Updated Edit Review dialog

One of the screens we know you interact with the most is now redesigned to bring you a more user-friendly experience and be more consistent across Atlassian standards. You can also add both users and groups as the reviewers.

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Fisheye & Crucible 4.1: flexible repository management and SVN improvements