Community Support

Starting July 10th, we will be supporting Server Starter Licenses* exclusively through the Atlassian Community.

History of Starter Licenses and Community

Our server 10-user license tier, otherwise known as the Starter License Program, has always been affiliated with our friends at Room to Read. Since 2009, Atlassian and Room to Read have partnered to raise over $3 million dollars (see the TechCrunch article to learn more). Now, we are deciding to extend the spirit in which the starter license and Room to Read connection was started by offering our support in public where everyone can benefit.

Support via Atlassian Community

In the past we focused on providing support to Starter License users with their various setup and configuration issues through our private 1:1 support. Analyzing many of these resolutions, we realized that the nature of these support requests didn’t necessitate private contact and the community as a whole could benefit from this knowledge being made public.

As part of this move, we will have dedicated Atlassian Support staff in addition to Community Champions ready to answer your questions. In addition:

  • Find your answer instantly by searching a database of thousands of previously asked questions and answers
  • Get superior support via the product support forums, where you can ask a question and get answers by a true expert, whether that be an Atlassian staff member, an Atlassian partner or a community champion.
  • Swap best practices using the discussion forums to engage with other teams like yours to get s&% done
  • Discover valuable articles written by Atlassian Experts and Partners to get the most out of Atlassian products


What if I need private technical support?

We have staffed our Community with Atlassian support engineers who are ready to help! However, If your team requires full-time Atlassian technical support you can upgrade to the next user tier license. See our how-to documentation for instructions.


Get involved

The additional benefit of this change is the ability for the broader Atlassian community to contribute, learn, and share their knowledge with one another. If you’re keen to learn more from the community, take the next step and watch the appropriate collection – just visit the Atlassian Community and browse to the product you’re interested in watching, where you can subscribe.

We’re committed to making sure you get an equivalent quality level of support via Atlassian Community, with the added benefit of your fellow users sharing their knowledge and insight of the product as well.

*Server starters refers to all server starter licenses except for Cloud products, Clover, Hipchat, and Data Center 10-user licenses.

We’re updating our support offering for server starter (10-user) licenses