Atlassian’s Data Center products like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and others, are purpose-built to deliver high availability, uncompromised performance at scale, and deployment flexibility—and this should apply to the almost 1,400 apps for Data Center products as well. When you’re working at enterprise scale, marketplace apps (formerly known as add-ons) can have a major impact on your business. As Twilio engineer Dominique DeGuzman noted, “Using the Atlassian Marketplace, we’ve automated cumbersome steps and shaved days off our development cycle.”

Using the Atlassian Marketplace, we’ve automated cumbersome steps and shaved days off our development cycle.
— Dominique DeGuzman, Twilio

As in Twilio’s case, your business uses apps as an integral part of your Data Center environment and depends upon them to improve productivity. You need apps to perform and scale with stability along with your Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other Data Center products. This is why we’ve doubled down on our investment into apps for Data Center products.

Focusing on your requirements for performance, stability, and scale

Data Center products for enterprises

Each quarter we spend a week with app vendors to share your feedback, problem-solve, and provide guidelines. Top engineers spend time away from regular work to refocus on quality and performance of the apps you use most. This quarter we asked Gliffy, Tempo, Adaptavist, Bob Swift, Zephyr and other vendors to join us for a week in Amsterdam to focus on one thing: apps for Data Center products.

74 of our top app developers sat down face-to-face with 32 Atlassian product team members. Through 20+ focus groups, expert speaker presentations and one-to-one collaboration, we discussed your specific requirements for performance and uptime.

The result was that we defined even more prescriptive testing and validation requirements to make sure all apps delivered on the promise of Data Center environments. We also committed to providing vendors with additional best practice programs and documentation based on our in-depth understanding of your environments. This is an ongoing journey, and our goal is to continue to deliver more and better apps ready for mission-critical use.

Stay tuned for more on apps for Data Center

Marketplace vendors continue to make more of your favorite Server apps available for Data Center environments. They’re also working on new apps designed specifically to tackle the challenges large enterprise customers face. To be the first to hear about new apps available for Data Center, sign up for our Marketplace Newsletter

What Atlassian is offering us with their tools and their apps is a full enterprise solution. Anything you need, any features you need, you can do with Atlassian.
— George Lewe, Lufthansa Systems

We know your teams depend not only on Data Center products but also on the apps you use. We are excited to invest more in Data Center apps, our vendors, and most importantly: you, our customers.

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Thank you to all our Marketplace vendors from around the world who attended app week for Data Center!

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This article was written in collaboration with Miles Buckley from the Atlassian Ecosystem team.

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