Every company and every team forges its own path toward accomplishing their goals. But it’s a universal truth that kicking off a project, marketing campaign, or even a brainstorming session can be overwhelming. Every step requires lots of moving parts, people to update, and assets to gather, and starting from scratch can feel like running the first mile of a marathon.

There’s a reason some roads are more traveled.

Confluence templates, launched more than seven years ago, help you skip past the blank page with its blinking cursor and give you a kickstart with a pre-populated page to fill out. Over the years, as the number of teams using Confluence has grown, we’ve seen the number of use cases explode. More types of teams and roles use Confluence in creative ways that go far beyond typical meeting notes or project requirements pages.

Today, to celebrate the 60,000 customers who use Confluence every day to transform the way their teams work, we’re announcing a brand new gallery featuring more than 75 new templates with best practices from our ecosystem of customers, partners, and leaders at Atlassian.

There’s a Confluence template for that

new confluence templates

We all have heroes we look up to, trailblazers who inspire us and make us wonder: how exactly did they do that? And for anyone who has ever wondered about the mechanisms behind Hubspot’s powerhouse marketing team, or how Indeed implements their hiring process – there’s a template for that! Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes has even shared how he keeps our internal teams aligned on a unified annual vision and strategy in the form of a template so anyone can emulate it.

Filter the templates in the gallery to find one that’s relevant for your type of work. We’ve added options for Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Software Development & IT, Design, Product Management, and more. Each template comes with a complimentary guide to help you understand how it can benefit your team and how to make the best use of it.

confluence templates gallery

Learn from industry leaders

Atlassian has an ecosystem of customers and partners who want to share their industry-leading knowledge and best practices with you. Check out some of the partners and leaders who submitted templates below. Again, thank you to those who submitted.

  • Indeed: With Indeed’s Job Description guide, you and your team can write an open position posting that will clearly lay out expectations to potential candidates. Once those awesome potential employees come in to chat, the Interview Feedback template will give your hiring team the structure to gather and organize relevant information about them and make your hiring manager’s life a breeze.
  • HubSpot: Set your company up for success with a one-two punch: HubSpot’s Creative Brief and Team Homepage templates. With the Creative Brief guide, map out your project’s mission, goals, challenges, and more before you begin to lock in your vision and relay it to the rest of the team. Share it and other details like who you are and what you do with the entire organization through the Team Homepage.
  • Optimizely: With Optimizely’s Experiment Plan and Results template, your team can collect suggestions for customer experiments. Create a single source of truth about your experiments with all relevant data of past trials.
  • Robert Chatwani, CMO of Atlassian: Atlassian’s own Robert Chatwani created the Marketing United template on how to keep all marketers in the loop on updates across the department and around the world. Keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s progress and the details of each development with this weekly blog template.
  • Joff Redfern, Head of All Teams at Atlassian: Our organization has a unique way of setting its Vision to values across the product team. Joff Redfern shares a guide to his methods, as well as how to keep the momentum going in the next quarter with the Executive Business Review template.

Do more with Template Collections

We understand that accomplishing a big initiative takes more than a single page. The new Collections in our template gallery offer up a series of templates you can use to accomplish a bigger goal.

  • Develop a marketing strategy: Marketers can use this collection of templates to guarantee they have all the information, research, and messaging they need to run a strategy that wins the hearts and minds of new customers.
  • Nail the employee development lifecycle: HR teams can help set their teams up for success with templates that help them knock employee onboarding, development, and retention out of the park.
  • Start strong with product development: Product managers can plan for and kick off new products after thoughtful collaboration with your team.
  • Create effective design at scale: Designers can use templates in this collection to help scale their design team’s hard work. See how to build a component library, lock down writing guidelines, and develop a design system that all teams can use.
  • Take charge of software development: Engineering managers can use our collection of templates to set up software development practices while working smart with their team.

Templates in Confluence’s UI

In addition to launching the Confluence template gallery on Atlassian.com, we’re making it easier to explore, preview and switch out templates before implementing. You can preview templates, view categories, and import from Google Docs or Microsoft Word from the right-hand panel (shown below) to help you find a relevant template for you and your team.

Submit your own team’s template

If your team has a unique way of working in Confluence that you’d like to share, let us know by submitting it here. We’ll review templates and select the most valuable ones to add to the gallery.

Confluence relaunches template gallery with 75+ new templates