How much time do you spend creating the same weekly meeting notes over and over again? How often do you see a beautifully organized project plan created by a teammate and say to yourself, “I’m definitely copying that page for my next project.”

Over the past few months, we spoke with many of you about how you use Confluence and what you use it for. We learned so much about the variety of content you create: from sales collateral and project work, to documenting internal policies and procedures, but the common thread throughout our conversations was the use of templates.

Across all teams, templates are about more than just saving time. Templates help maintain consistency across teams by organizing work and information in a uniform way, making things easy to find. Using templates is also a good way to bring new teams into Confluence effectively. You might even discover some new features along the way!

Mo’ Templates, Mo’ Time

We’re giving you more ways to start creating in Confluence Cloud with four new templates (and more to come)! 

Project Plan Template

Big, complex projects can be hard. Big, complex, projects spanning multiple teams? Even harder. No matter what team you’re on, the project plan template makes it easier to manage projects of any size and complexity, all while being able to keep stakeholders informed along the way.

Use this template to:

  • Align all stakeholders and contributors on one page
  • Outline project objectives, goals, and metrics
  • Provide a visual roadmap of the project timeline
  • Give detail on project milestones, owners, deadlines, and status

Project plan template

Get the project plan template

Marketing Plan Template

Developing a marketing plan is no easy feat. You have to think critically and creatively, all while tracking campaign activities, coordinating multiple teams, and keeping everyone in the know. Use this template to outline everything from competitor research and messaging to the marketing programs you’ll be running for the year or quarter ahead.

Use this template to:

  • Give visibility into the marketing plan for team members and stakeholders
  • Outline the plan’s objectives, goals, and metrics
  • Provide access to competitive research, messaging and positioning, and persona information
  • Highlight major marketing programs and budget needs

Marketing plan template

Get the marketing plan template

Product Launch Plan Template

Launching a product is a cross-company effort. You have to put together detailed timelines, develop pricing models and product positioning, and keep several teams in-the-know from beginning to end. Use this template as a living page to keep all teams up to date on key information.

Use this template to:

  • Align launch team and stakeholders on timeline and milestones
  • Provide access to competitive research, persona information, product messaging, and pricing
  • Give visibility into launch goals and metrics
  • Outline and assign major launch activities, owners, and deadlines

Product launch plan template

Get the product launch plan template

Persona Template

Personas are a valuable tool to help us understand our customers and ensure that we’re meeting needs and solving problems. Use this template to help your team keep the user top of mind when making decisions, developing features, or creating content.

Use this template to:

  • Better understand key members of your target audience through research and customer interviews
  • Give all team members and stakeholders a consistent and memorable overview of the target audience
  • Provide empathy and insight when discussing features and product changes

Persona template

Get the persona template

Create your own template

The templates that we have and will continue to add are a way to get your feet off the ground and inspire your work. We know that teams have hundreds of unique processes and ways of doing their work, so we’ve made our templates easy to customize, or you can simply create your own!

Customize existing Confluence templates

To customize an existing Confluence template, go to your Space Settings > Content tools > Templates. Here you will see both user-created templates your team has built, as well as Confluence templates. To edit an existing template, simply scroll down to the one you wish to edit, and click “Edit” to the right. Make your changes and save!

Create your own

If you want to create your own template, go to your Space Settings > Content tools > Templates and click “Create New Template”. For more info read our documentation on creating your own templates.

Create-new-template GIF

Pro tip: If there’s a template you use often, promote it in the “Create” dialogue that appears when you click on the + in your nav.

If you want to encourage the use of a template from within a specific location (i.e using a campaign template in your marketing team space) use the Create from template macro. This macro, which can be displayed on any Confluence page, lets you specify which template or page you want to use as the template. Once clicked, the macro opens up the page in edit mode, ready to go!

Create and collaborate

Whether you’re starting off with one of our Confluence templates or creating your own, having a structured way to gather, document, and present information is a must. Templates are a great way to work within and across teams in a consistent way. We hope you find them useful in aligning your teams with #allthethings!

PS – We want to hear what templates you’d like to see in Confluence if you have suggestions let us know on this Community thread!

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