In Atlassian’s San Francisco office, the developers have been hard at work on the next generation dashboard for all of our products. We’re packing a lot of new ideas into this project: a modernized, drag and drop user interface, cross-product compatibility for sharing data between systems, and a new development model based on the Atlassian Plugins 2 architecture and the SAL API that allows us to write a single plugin that targets all of Atlassian’s products.
Best of all, the new dashboard is based on Google Gadgets technology, the same that powers iGoogle and an ever-increasing number of other sites, now that it’s been rolled into the OpenSocial standard. This will allow for easy integration between Atlassian products and other products and services that support this technology. Even better, plugin authors will be able to extend their dashboards with simple HTML and JavaScript applications — no Java coding needed!
AtlasCamp gave us our first opportunity to unveil the new dashboard and give developers a sneak peak at what’s coming ahead. In this video, Rich Wallace and I explain the basics of the new dashboard, demonstrate how a gadget is built, and discuss what’s in store for plugin developers and end users alike.

AtlasCamp Video – Atlassian Gadgets...