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Every team on the planet has its own individual software needs – luckily for customers, our Marketplace affords users an opportunity to tailor Atlassian tools to their one-of-a-kind teams. More than 60 percent of our customers use an app or integration to extend product functionality, and with thousands of available add-ons, users have free rein to add the features they need to get their work done better and faster.

Understandably, many customers who are looking to move to cloud want to bring all the Marketplace apps they rely on with them, and we’ve been actively working with our ecosystem partners to help bring your favorite server and Data Center apps to our cloud products. In the last 12 months alone, the Atlassian Marketplace has added more than 440 new cloud apps – with a total of well over 1,000 apps now available. We also brought back Codegeist this year, which attracted more than 1,300 developers who submitted over 300 cloud apps for the competition.

Here’s a roundup of top-requested server apps that are now available in cloud.

How Atlassian is shaping the security of our cloud ecosystem

JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows: JSU is a popular app, boasting more than 16K installs on server, that helps connect workflows and link issues with post functions for advanced automation. Beecom, the vendor behind this automation tool, has extended the positive experience to server users migrating to cloud as well as new cloud customers. The feedback they’ve heard from customers so far describes the app as a “Great app. Easy to use. Works like a charm!” and they are committed to delivering all the features to cloud that their server customers know and love.

Structure – Project Management at Scale: ALM Works introduced their first cloud app – a popular project management app earlier this year. This cloud app makes it easy for project managers to visualize, track and manage progress across Jira projects, and has been reimagined specifically for cloud. As one customer, Mike Hayes, Program Manager at Motor Trend, shared: “With Structure, I eliminated the use of Excel for program management at my last company. Thankfully, I convinced my new employer to let us use it on Jira Cloud. I don’t know how I would have gotten along without it.” 

Jira Workflow Toolbox: Customers were clamoring for a cloud version of this popular server app with close to 4K installs, which the Decadis team was happy to deliver in December. The Jira Workflow Toolbox app allows users to create, transition, and update issues to solve even the most complex requirements. The team behind the app has been hard at work re-architecting the app for cloud with the goal to achieve feature parity between their cloud, server, and Data Center apps in the future. Since they’ve released the app, they’ve gained more than 1400 satisfied cloud customers! 

Insight – Asset Management: Connecting assets with Jira tickets is a popular use case among IT professionals, and Insight has been a top asset management app for server for several years. Insight allows users to connect Jira tickets to assets and improves asset utilization with dependency mapping and impact analysis. The Marketplace vendor behind this product (and recent Atlassian acquisition!), Mindville, decided to expand into cloud after loads of feedback from customers asking when a cloud app would be available.

Considering cloud?

Check out the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant with enhanced App Assessment features to help you identify the apps you need in cloud. App Assessment is the best way to understand what apps you’re currently using, what’s available in the marketplace, and how to make decisions on which apps to bring to cloud. Learn more.

Better PDF Exporter for Jira (PDF View): One of Marketplace vendor Midori’s most popular and longest-standing apps, this allows users to export Jira issues to PDF, share, print, and email. After a year and a half of building, testing, and iterating to offer the best version of Better PDF Exporter for their customers, including running a beta program, Midori released their cloud version in the middle of 2019.

Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira (JEMHC): This cloud app helps automate the job of keeping your Jira issues clean, reducing clutter from replied-to content, spam mail/bounces, signature icons, etc. It makes issues more contextually relevant by inlining images from the email right into the issue. The team behind this app, The Plugin People, were initially drawn to cloud because they wanted to replicate the same features of their server app and were excited by the freedom that cloud apps provided. In cloud, they already have OAuth integrations for Google Apps and Microsoft Office365, which helps users scale their email handling by automating and customizing their content notifications within the app. Plus, users can integrate it with Slack and SMS for additional customization.

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WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira: This popular server app lets customers visualize plans to maximize productivity. After recently ending their beta period, the Ricksoft team has reworked the architecture of the app several times to build a version that was scalable, secure, and performant in cloud. Making frequent updates for user-reported bugs and customer-requested features, they are constantly looking for more user feedback to help improve their cloud app.

ConfiForms – Data Forms & Workflows: Create awesome forms for Confluence with 30-plus fields for voting, feedback, inventory, surveys, and more with Vertuna LLC’s ConfiForms app. Then, seamlessly transform your data into multiple formats, including tables, lists, cards, and calendars. This app has seen rave reviews from cloud customers, who say it’s “the most useful and versatile app [they’ve] purchased for Confluence” and that ”the support is 1st class [with] updates made on an almost weekly basis.”

Time in Status: Released for cloud in May of 2019, this app generates reports that quantify how much time each Jira issue spent in each status category, so users can identify bottlenecks. This cloud app allows you to create advanced calendar configurations for your reports and offers a demo online where you can interact with the app before installing. It was due to strong customer demand that OBSS decided to build a cloud version, and they’ve seen faster adoption than expected. One customer summed it up nicely: “It simply does what it says on the can.”

Excel for Confluence: Love tables and using Excel? This popular Appfire app has everything you need to do more with your tables in Confluence and is one of many new cloud apps released from Appfire earlier this year. Display Excel spreadsheets that update when your data changes and do more in your functional tables with auto totaling, numbering, hyperlinks, and CSV exporting.

Handy Macros for Confluence: If your team uses the status function in Confluence a lot, you’ll love StiltSoft’s app. This handy macro allows users to modify the status of work on the go. Plus, additional color options make your work more eye-catching. A recent review of this new cloud apps claims it’s a “fantastic app to structure your content, increase quality and automate reporting based on pre-defined topic”.

Time to SLA: Snapbytes’ app gives insight into how your team is performing against your set SLAs, and sends reminders if you’re close to breaching one. Recently released to cloud on the Atlassian Marketplace, this app will get you started tracking your SLAs in as easy as a few minutes. Plus you can track your SLA performance over time with built-in reports.

Elements Connect (formerly nFeed): Say goodbye to data duplication. This popular server and Data Center app from Elements has been brought to cloud, and allows users to bring their external data inside Jira issues. Query from a SQL database, an LDAP, a REST API, or your local Jira. Decide how to display your data with configurable HTML and native AUI components.

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13 popular server apps now available in cloud