For most teams, Atlassian products fulfill the fundamental needs of managing projects and moving work forward. But, like a set of fingerprints, each team has its own unique identifiers; their goals, needs, and work can be vastly different from another group in the same organization. For this reason, we’ve focused on building a robust Marketplace with thousands of apps and integrations to help customers customize our products for every type of team.

“In a sense, the apps we found in the Atlassian Marketplace are helping us deliver more pizza faster than ever before.”

Michael Sheppard, Senior Application Security Engineer, Domino’s Pizza

New tools in the work environment often inevitably lead to more data dispersed across multiple systems, meaning more headaches for the users tasked with coordinating between them. The nonstop context switching opens the door for discrepancies between systems, and curbs productivity of users. 

Apps can make teams more productive because they offer seamless integrations, extensibility, and customization. This might mean connecting Confluence to your CRM data, or your Jira instance with a new DevOps tool, but getting the tools you rely on every day to talk to each other helps reduce friction while allowing end-to-end visibility for your team and the greater organization. Whether you’re knee-deep in HR tasks or deploying code for your next sprint, you’ll get the most out of Atlassian products by adding and extending functionality to create a custom-fit solution. Our Marketplace offers thousands of apps, for each and every type of team.

Design teams

We know the designer hand-off can be tricky at times. It can be tedious for project members to manually search for the latest iteration of a creative project, and for designers to constantly switch between programs to keep stakeholders informed of progress.

Design team specific integrations in the Marketplace make it easy for designers to share drafts with colleagues and associate creative requests with Jira issues without leaving their preferred platform. Stakeholders also receive notifications to view the latest prototypes and design specs in real-time, all within Jira. Surface your designs in Atlassian products by connecting tools like Adobe XD, InVision, and Figma and integrate your designs into agile processes, allowing designers to collaborate quickly with their fellow stakeholders. 

“Super handy for me to have for my front-end developers and project managers! They love having easy access to the designs and also being able to see my progress in REAL-TIME!”

Reony Tonneyck, Figma for Jira customer

Business teams

Business teams, which are typically non-technical teams like sales, marketing, or HR, often face an uphill battle against their CRM platform. Customer contact information might not be thorough, meeting notes go missing, or time is wasted creating duplicate entries. And failure to sync information across tools can ultimately lead to missed opportunities and a loss in leads or sales. 

What if you could connect customer data across one platform, and manage relationships from Jira or Confluence? Tools like CRM for Jira and Atlas CRM can store customer records inside Jira or Confluence, so teams can view all issues related to that contact. With customer data stored inside your collaboration tools, information always stays up to date and readily available. As a result, business teams are always armed with the latest intel to keep leads warm and close deals. 

“This integration is amazing. I use this app to tie the company and individual CRM contact information to the issues that I’m creating in Jira.”

Tarek Madany, Atlas CRM customer

Software teams

Siloed teams and broken lines of communication can be frustrating for software developers who are trying to ship a quality product. The traditional software development model typically meant that the developers who wrote the code worked separately from those who deployed and supported it. 

With Atlassian’s agile software development products and complementary Marketplace apps, building and shipping software all takes place in one powerful, integrated environment. Build, test, and manage your software projects smoothly with your team by connecting Atlassian products with your favorite software tools.

Use custom automations like Power Scripts to save time on repetitive tasks, and execute test management plans faster with apps like Zephyr. When your code is almost at the finish line, perform a quick review with an app like Smart Checklist. Software apps in the Marketplace work cohesively with Atlassian products to help your teams build great software all within one platform. 

“Great app! Really helpful when it comes to keep testers and developers on the same page. Simple and provides many reporting gadgets.”

Vivek Talluri, Zephyr for Jira Test Management customer

IT teams

Unfortunately, IT Teams often spend a lot of time chasing down information to provide timely support to internal and external teams. The speed at which support is provided directly impacts your business’s productivity, as well as customer perception and experience.

Luckily, IT teams can streamline that support through monitoring, alerting, and asset management by integrating tools like Insight and Prometheus. These apps share information with Atlassian products and keep teams updated on statuses automatically, ensuring employees and customers are supported every step of the way. 

“This integration really helps us bridge the gap between support and development teams. With capable Automation available in Jira Service Desk, we can seamlessly provide a workspace where any dev change is reflected in support chat notes and vice versa.”

Mikhail Neverov, Intercom for Jira customer

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Whether your company is large or small, your collaborators technical or non-technical, there is an app for every team, to help tailor Atlassian products for every use case. With the help of the Atlassian Marketplace, teams spend less time on manual tasks, and more time shipping projects and products. 

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