How we built Bitbucket Data Center to scale

Join Felix Haehnel, a developer on the Bitbucket Server Enterprise team, to learn how we built Bitbucket Data Center to scale. This deep dive will cover configuration tips and tricks, testing your Bitbucket Data Center instance, and more.

Scaling Git is hard and without a tool to manage it all it can be near impossible. At Atlassian we're no strangers to the challenges of using Git at scale - 1,000s of developers means 1,000s of commits, CI builds, and review requests happening daily. That's why we built Bitbucket Data Center specifically to provide growing development teams with reliable performance at scale.

Join this webinar and learn exactly why growing and distributed software teams choose Bitbucket Data Center to scale their Git-powered operations. This deep dive will show you the ins and outs of:

  • How Atlassian configures our internal Bitbucket Data Center instance to support global teams.
  • How to test Bitbucket Data Center's capabilities using the the Elastic Experiment Executor (E3).
  • How Bitbucket Data Center can perform at scale via caching, clustering, smart mirrors, and more.
  • How to implement an effective disaster recovery solution and enable your system for high availability.


Felix Haehnel headshot

Felix Haehnel

Developer, Atlassian

Felix is a developer on the Bitbucket Server Enterprise team. With members in Australia and Europe, the Enterprise team has experience with working in a distributed way, and dealing with the challenges this brings. He is part of the core team working on features such as Bitbucket Smart Mirroring, Git LFS for Bitbucket and Zero Downtime Backup.