How to get more out of automation and Jira Software Premium

There’s a lot that’s new with automation! During this webinar you’ll learn exactly what’s new with automation as well as tips for taking advantage of other valuable features in Jira Software Premium.

During this webinar you will:

  • Get a walk through what’s new with automation, including DevOps integrations, smart values, and a glimpse into what’s coming next.
  • Learn how Advanced Roadmaps can help you plan smarter across multiple teams, with additional hierarchy levels above epics, cross team dependency mapping, and capacity planning.
  • See how you can get better insights into how many people are using your Jira site and how it will grow.
  • Learn how you can better manage your instance with project archiving.
  • And more! We’ll walk through and demo all the new Premium features that are available to your account.
  • Get the opportunity to ask live questions with our product team.



Josh Frank headshot

Josh Frank

Principal Product Marketer

Josh is a Principal Product Marketer on the Jira Software Cloud team. He's passionate about helping teams reach their full potential and build better products. When not telling the world about new Jira features, you can find him cycling through the Bay Area hills.

John McKiernan headshot

John McKiernan

Product Marketing Manager

John is a Product Marketer on the Jira Software Cloud team, focusing on automation. He loves hearing from customers after they have created their first automation rule in Jira. In his spare time, John writes children’s books, customised songs and gives sugar to his daughter when his wife isn’t looking.

Peter Morris headshot

Peter Morris

Product Management Team Lead

Pete 在 Atlassian 工作了将近四年,担任过各种职务,但工作一直与 Jira 产品相关。他之前所在的团队在 Jira Software Cloud Premium 中推出了 Advanced Roadmaps,现在他帮助管理我们所有的规划体验。Pete 在悉尼出生和长大,他很想说自己是一个活跃、喜欢户外活动的人,但事实却相反,他是一个沉稳、更喜欢待在室内的人。

Simeon Ross headshot

Simeon Ross

Senior Developer

Simeon 是一名高级开发人员,从一开始就一直在开发 Jira 自动化。在不为团队构建新功能或创建新的自动化规则时,他经常自愿去悉尼的蓝山山脉参与灭火。