Building trust and increasing efficiency during incidents with Statuspage

Join this webinar to learn what Statuspage is, how to use it alongside your existing Atlassian tools, and verified best practices for building user trust and increasing team efficiency during incident response.

Downtime is inevitable. Customer churn doesn't have to be – especially when transparency remains a priority. Users genuinely value transparency and are more loyal to brands and products that keep them in the loop even when 💩  hits the fan. 

Statuspage give you an out-of-the-box, scalable way to communicate incidents and downtime to users. Notification subscriptions and self-service status information helps maintain customer trust while you resolve the issue at hand. In fact, 67% of Statuspage customers say that Statuspage has helped increase their users' trust. 

The days of having to communicate incidents via e-mail, Twitter, or a time-consuming homemade solution are over. And we want to make sure you are best equipped to make an awesome page of your own. 

Whether you are on a development, ops, IT, support, or management team, this webinar is for you. You will leave understanding exactly what Statuspage is, how to use it with Atlassian products, and how to leverage it to build trust with internal users and external customers. 

Thousands of companies rely on Statuspage during an incident to reduce support tickets, increase team efficiency, and keep customers happier. Come learn how you can do the same!

Please bring your questions. There will be a live Q&A section hosted by Statuspage Co-founder and Growth Manager, Danny Olinsky. 


Danny Olinksy headshot

Danny Olinksy

Statuspage Co-founder & growth manager

Danny co-founded Statuspage and leads Statuspage's marketing team within Atlassian. Danny has worked with some of Statuspage's largest customers on their incident communication processes, both for internal IT communication and external customer communication.