An IT Admin's Guide to Securing Collaboration at Scale: A Conversation with Atlassian and Slack

With the continual emergence of new cloud-based collaboration tools, IT leaders are perfectly positioned to usher in a new way for their organizations to work together - seamlessly and at scale. While these tools can help your teams work better together, challenges still exist for IT to secure collaboration across an entire enterprise. Many of the well-oiled processes and IT governance controls your organization currently employs may not apply to, or aren’t optimized for cloud-based solutions, causing friction instead of ease.

In this session, Atlassian and Slack will talk through how cloud-based solutions can increase agility, reduce the cost of operation, break down silos and help grow your teams securely at scale.

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • Tips to collaborate successfully and securely in the cloud
  • How to develop and implement a cloud-based security checklist that meets your organization’s unique needs
  • Tools Slack and Atlassian have to help you administer cross-team software at scale with ease

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Dave Meyer

Senior Group Product Manager

Dave Meyer is a Senior Group Product Manager at Atlassian responsible for development of enterprise cloud offerings, with a focus on administration, identity, and security. Previously he spent time on the Jira team and helped build the Atlassian Marketplace. When he's not chatting with Atlassian customers he's.... actually that's pretty much all he does.

Mat Mullen

Senior Product Manager of Enterprise Products, Slack

Mat Mullen is a Senior Product Manager of Enterprise Products at Slack, where he leads a team of engineers and designers in building Slack for large organizations. At Slack, Mat focuses on the challenges that large organizations are facing when it comes to simplifying internal collaboration, transparency, security and authentication.