New Confluence features for improved team productivity

Watch this free webinar to hear from Confluence product leaders and learn how your organization can keep productivity high with new features in Confluence.

Watch this session to hear all about productivity team hacks along with their evil twin – the productivity sucks that make teams less effective. In this webinar, Confluence Cloud's product team shares new features in Confluence to increase your team's collaboration and efficiency.

We cover how to:

  • Create captivating content with tables, templates, integrations, and much more.
  • Organize spaces, pages, and profiles to be more easily found.
  • Scale Confluence as your organization grows.

If you're looking for ways to make Confluence your team's single source of truth and get more people on your team using it, then this webinar is for you. We give you tips that you can share with others for how to keep your Confluence spaces and pages fresh, dynamic, and findable. We also introduce you to our newest enterprise features, Confluence Cloud Premium and Atlassian Access and give you a sneak peek into their product roadmaps. You'll see an exclusive demo of Confluence Cloud Premium's features like analytics for insights on your site, spaces, and pages and admin key for solving permission problems end-to-end. Check out these new features in action, learn what's coming soon and hear directly from the makers of Confluence.


Avinoam Zelenko headshot

Avinoam Zelenko

Principal Product Manager, Confluence Cloud

Avinoam has been a product manager for 10 years. He's spent time building B2B enterprise chat and analytics products and has been working on the new editing experience in Confluence for two years. Avinoam is the proud father of two children: a five-year old boy and a three-year-old girl.

Hilary Dubin headshot

Hilary Dubin

Product Lead, Confluence Cloud Editions

Hilary is a Product Manager on Confluence Premium. She's customer obsessed and is passionate about supporting teams of all shapes and sizes. Outside of Premium, she is a champion of inclusion (specifically in meetings) and bringing more women into tech. She studied Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and she loves food, skiing, surfing, and playing with other people's dogs.