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Atlassian and Opsgenie are fastest growing, most popular apps of the year

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Okta’s Business @ Work 2020 Report takes an in-depth look at how organizations and people work, exploring workforces and customers and the applications and services they use to be productive. Opsgenie is the 2nd fastest growing app of the year and Atlassian’s Product Suite is the most popular developer tool of the year. 

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Why companies are adopting incident management solutions like Opsgenie to deliver always-on, high performing services to their customers.

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How the Atlassian Product Suite has become the #1 most popular developer app.

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How Dev and IT Ops teams are collaborating more than ever to build, run, and support product launches.

“The Atlassian Product Suite is the clear choice of developers.”

Okta’s Business @ Work 2020 Report