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Cover your legal bases A resource for Marketplace Partners

Executive summary

You’re finally finished building a new app for the Atlassian Marketplace - but what legal responsibilities do you need to fulfill before publishing your creation? We created this ebook to help you familiarize yourself with our Marketplace Partner Agreement, including information about creating documents like privacy policies, what end user terms are and what they typically include, and a checklist of legal documents you’ll need to bring your app to customers on the Marketplace.

Key takeaways

Why a strong privacy policy is important for attracting customers

What end user terms typically include

Your responsibilities for providing app support and maintenance

Questions to ask to ensure your app doesn’t infringe on existing copyrights


The following guide is intended to provide an overview regarding best practices for Marketplace Partners. It is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. As such, always consult legal counsel before acting on any matter discussed within this document.

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