Gartner report cover

How portfolio leaders will achieve business and career outcomes

Learning from the report

In this complementary report, Gartner has selected their “2024 predictions for strategic portfolio management to prepare strategic portfolio leaders to succeed in the never normal.”

It’s impossible to control everything, but it is possible to understand the research and do the work to improve your likelihood of success by 2x-3x. Use this complementary report to follow expert recommendations for your future in strategic portfolio management (SPM).

You may be a portfolio leader or in an adjacent role, such as change management, transformation work, or project management. If so, learn what trends across AI, methodologies, and governance mean for your role, and how you can future-proof your own career with the right focus and skills.

In this report, you’ll learn:
  1. What the research predicts about the next 2-3 years for strategic portfolio management
  2. What the research means for people working across portfolios, projects, and programs, as well as change management and transformation work
  3. Twenty-one actionable recommendations for you to improve the likelihood of success for the top initiatives you’ll lead for the next 2-3 years