How to Create Beautiful & Smart Confluence Cloud Pages

Join this webinar to learn practical tips on building Confluence Cloud pages that truly showcase your work to teammates. We’ll also show you ways to work more efficiently, plus new features and hidden gems!

Today, it is important to not only document but to showcase your work in the best light. This webinar will help you craft memorable content that is quickly consumable and visually appealing for your teammates. We’ll also focus on how to incorporate smarts on your pages to save you from future inefficiency headaches.

In this webinar, Confluence Cloud Product Marketers will give you advice on how to:

Build beautiful pages in Confluence Cloud

  • Create content from anywhere, quickly
  • Wield the all-powerful slash
  • Apply the best macros

Build efficiencies into your pages in Confluence Cloud

  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Manage tasks and next steps
  • Make product connections



Brittany Sudlow

Product Marketing Manager, Confluence Cloud

Brittany is a product marketer on the Confluence Cloud team with years of tech experience in both product management and marketing. She’s equally passionate about Confluence, wine, and ethnic foods – not necessarily at the same time.

Jenn Riek

Product and Content Marketer, Confluence Cloud

Jenn is a product and content marketer on the Confluence team. She’s the editor of Confluence’s work management hub, “The Workstream,” and can often be found dreaming up new ways to build community, both in her career as well as her personal life.