Atlassian + Sentry integration

Sentry and Atlassian help developers focus on things that matter by surfacing the most critical errors to the right person at the right time.

Automatically create Jira issues based on error rules, see the most relevant information just from glancing at an issue, and keep everything up to date in both Sentry or Jira with two-way sync.

Atlassian + Sentry
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See what matters

Make sure your dev teams work on the most important customer-facing issues with automatic Jira issue creation.

Sentry's Automatic Jira Issue creation
Sentry error data displayed in Jira Issue

Solve with confidence

Reduce context switching with relevant Sentry error data in every glance at a Jira issue.

Work where you want to work

Keep error data and progress current with two-way sync between Jira and Sentry — make a change in one tool and see it instantly reflected in both.

Two way sync between Jira Software and Sentry
Bitbucket Cloud
Sentry Commit data

Use Suspect Commits to resolve errors faster

Sentry gives you client, OS, user-impact, and commit data out of the box. With commit data, Sentry shows the exact commit that caused a given error. Needle in the haystack? Found.

Find errors within your CI/CD build

With the Sentry Pipe for Bitbucket Pipelines, you can automatically manage releases and quickly surface errors associated with a given build.

Errors displayed in Sentry Pipe for Bitbucket Pipelines

Why Sentry and Atlassian?

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Solve issues before your customers report them

See error and performance issues in real-time. Sentry intelligently groups critical issues for your review. With Sentry and Jira, those critical issues are automatically routed to the right team’s backlog so developers can tackle what matters first.

Reduce time to resolution with rich context - anywhere you may be

Whether your team is scanning through a stack trace in Sentry or grooming their backlog in Jira, they can access the most important error or performance data wherever they work.

Keep your dev teams on the same page

Communication across distributed teams can be challenging. Sentry and Jira sync changes as soon as they happen. Leave a comment in Jira, see it in Sentry. Two-way sync keeps the conversation flowing, from sprint kick-off to closing out bugs.


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From Error to Resolution with Sentry and the Atlassian Stack

Get ahead of errors in releases, watch out for errors on changed files, and view suspect commits on a given error.

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The Sentry Ecosystem

By giving you the ability to build your own integrations, Sentry’s ecosystem works with — not against — your existing workflow.

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Getting started with Jira and Sentry

Track and resolve bugs faster by connecting errors from Sentry with Jira issues.

Teams across the world rely on Atlassian + Sentry

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