Total Economic Impact: Understand the full potential of a DevOps transformation with Atlassian Open DevOps

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Atlassian Open DevOps

Atlassian Open DevOps is an enterprise ready solution that automates and integrates the processes between software development and IT teams. With Jira Software as the backbone, Open DevOps comes preconfigured with Confluence, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie while allowing you to swap in other tools your team uses to create a custom solution.


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“When you’re looking for a tool, you want a tool that is not a point solution. And that’s what makes Jira so compelling for software developers — it’s not a point solution. It gives you that elongated pipeline for DevOps, so people stay in the same environment.”

Senior manager, IT, data analytics

TEI Study

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Ready to dive into the details? Check out the full study to understand Open DevOps customers' before states, the benefits they experienced, and the takeaways for your organization.

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TEI Webinar

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We sat down with Forrester Consulting to discuss the findings of the study and total economic impact of using Atlassian Open DevOps. Watch the webinar to learn about the benefits of using Atlassian Open DevOps

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