Atlassian + JFrog integration

Trust the leaders in DevOps - Atlassian and JFrog - to take your product from source code to deployment. Track changes, test your code, promote your software artifacts, ensure quality and security to deploy to your systems with agility to deliver products and features faster than your competitors.

Atlassian + JFrog
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View Jira Issues from Artifactory Builds

View any of your builds in the Artifactory dashboard, and see which Jira issues were fixed with a quick click of the mouse.

View Jira Issues from Artifactory Builds
View Artifactory Builds from Jira Issues

View Artifactory Builds from Jira Issues

If you're in Jira, click an issue and see which builds in Artifactory have the fix.

Bitbucket Cloud

Enhance your DevSecOps Tools

Bitbucket Pipelines integrated with Artifactory and Xray, promotes your builds to Artifactory repositories and then triggers Xray security scans automatically.

Enhance your DevSecOps Tools
Build, Test and Deploy Your Code

Build, Test and Deploy Your Code

Use JFrog Pipelines, part of the JFrog Unified Platform, to marshal your code from Bitbucket for building, promoting artifacts to Artifactory, security scanning with Xray and deployment to your environments. Easily configure your JFrog Pipelines CI/CD workflow with YAML and leverage built-in integration with Bitbucket, Artifactory and Xray

Why JFrog and Atlassian?

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Best in Breed DevOps Transformations

DevOps is about “People, Processes, and Technology”. The JFrog Platform is a best in breed DevOps technology. Atlassian brings expertise and leadership in the way people collaborate through processes. Together we partner to deliver all the components needed for success in DevOps transformations.

Improve Agile Collaboration and Traceability Throughout the DevOps Lifecycle

Atlassian + JFrog enables mutual users to streamline collaboration and traceability across the software delivery process, accelerating application releases and improving developer productivity.

A Two Way Street

The path between two clouds should be a two way street. Find the information you need no matter which direction you’re approaching a problem from.


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A Two-Way Jira Speedway, the JFrog Artifactory App

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JFrog Blog

Gain Code Insights with JFrog Artifactory and Atlassian Bitbucket

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Jira Cloud Integration for Artifactory

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