Diversity Survey Privacy Notice

Effective starting: March 22, 2021

1. What this notice covers

At Atlassian, we believe in the power of diversity and are committed to a culture of inclusion. In our Sustainability Report we pledged to build a more diverse Atlassian, because we know that in doing so we can unleash the potential of our teams. To help us on this journey to where we want to be, we are asking for your help in completing a diversity survey. This survey is part of our diversity program focused on better understanding our candidate experiences and evolving our recruitment process to improve equitable outcomes. Your contribution would be greatly valued as it is a step towards helping build a more diverse Atlassian.

Your participation in this diversity survey is entirely voluntary and based on your opt-in consent. All questions within the survey are also entirely voluntary. If you decide to participate, we will only use the information you provide for the purposes of our diversity program. If you choose not to participate, there will be no adverse impact on your application.

2. Information We Collect

The diversity survey will ask you for information regarding certain demographics, including your:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Disabilities

3. How We Use and Secure This Information

Diversity Data will be used for the following purposes:

  • For our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives: As part of our diversity program, we will use Diversity Data to analyze representation of URGs in our talent pipeline and determine ways to increase diversity in our talent pool and improve our equitable outcomes.
  • As legally required: We will use Diversity Data to fulfill our obligations under applicable laws, such as government diversity reporting.

Diversity Data will be managed securely in a de-identified manner:

  • Lever will only transfer de-identified Diversity Data to us: We process and use Diversity Data in a de-identified manner (i.e. not individually identifiable). This means we do not combine Diversity Data with your contact details (e.g. name, email). We do combine Diversity Data with other Talent Data that does not directly identify you, such as the country location you selected in your application and the status of your application.
  • Secure storage with restricted access: Diversity Data will be stored securely and subject to strict access controls, where it can only be used for the purpose of creating aggregated and de-identified reporting to help achieve our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Legal Bases for Individuals Located in the EEA, UK, or Brazil

By reviewing this Notice and participating in the diversity survey, you are providing voluntary opt-in consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time, but this may not affect processing that has already occurred or Diversity Data that has been de-identified. There will be no adverse consequences on your application for withdrawing your consent.

4. How and Why We Share Information Outside of Atlassian

Atlassian will share Diversity Data outside of Atlassian and its group of companies for the following purposes:

  • Service providers on our behalf. We share information with service providers who perform necessary duties and functions on our behalf (e.g., AWS) and cannot use any identifying information for their own independent purposes.
  • External reports. We share aggregated and de-identified Diversity Data in our external (i.e. public) reports, such as our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

5. How We Transfer Information We Collect Internationally

Please see Section 6 of our Careers Privacy Notice for more information on how we transfer information we collect internationally.

6. EU – U.S. Privacy Shield Notice

Please see Section 7 of our Careers Privacy Notice for more information on our EU - U.S. Privacy Shield Notice.

7. How Long We Keep Information We Collect

We will retain Diversity Data for our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and as legally required.

Please see Section 8 of our Careers Privacy Notice for more information on our retention practices for Talent Data.

8. How to Access and Control Your Information

Please see Section 9 of our Careers Privacy Notice for more information on how to access and control your information.

9. How to Access and Control Your Information

Atlassian Pty Ltd, c/o Atlassian, Inc.
350 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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