Atlassian Suppliers

Contact information

Accounts Payable

Invoice Submission

  • Suppliers connected to Atlassian through Coupa Supplier Portal, submit your electronic invoice by providing the invoice information directly to the portal. Attached is an instruction to guide in navigating the system: E-Invoice Supplier Instruction

  • If you need further assistance, reach us out by raising a request to the Accounts Payable Servicedesk.


Purchase order status and procurement inquiries:

How to get paid

  • Supplier must be registered to Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). Here is a quick guide: Coupa Supplier Portal Training Material.pdf
  • Invoices must be sent electronically to Atlassian Accounts Payable through Coupa Supplier Portal
  • Invoices must reference your Purchase Order Number and name of the Atlassian Requestor who initiated the purchase
  • Invoices must reference the Bill To listed on your Purchase Order

Helpful reminders

  • Once you receive a PO (and fully-executed agreement, if applicable) from Atlassian, services may commence and/or goods may be shipped.
  • Do NOT send invoices to your Atlassian Requestor.  Invoices must be sent directly to the Coupa Supplier Portal. You may inform the Requestor once you enter the invoice in Coupa Supplier Portal, if needed.


  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool that allows Atlassian to easily do business with its suppliers. The CSP makes managing business transactions with Atlassian easy.
  • Purchase Order: Commercial document and official offer issued by Atlassian to a Supplier, indicating agreed upon items and prices for goods and services
  • Requestor: Atlassian business contact who requested the order
  • Ship to: Where the goods will be delivered, or services will be performed
  • Bill to: Atlassian legal entity buying the goods or services