Ask the Experts: Deploying Atlassian Data Center on AWS

Join our interview style webinar to ask Atlassian team members about best practices, troubleshooting tips, and any other questions about deploying Atlassian Data Center on AWS.

Are you planning to or in the process of deploying or evaluating Atlassian Data Center on AWS?

Join our interview style webinar to ask our Atlassian experts from various teams, including Premier Support, Product Management, ITOps, and Practice development, to ask them about:

  • best practices
  • troubleshooting tips
  • their experiences
  • any other questions about deploying Data Center on AWS



Andy Rajagopalan headshot

Andy Rajagopalan

Cloud Solutions Architect

Andy brings a wealth of experience in designing and managing application infrastructure in the public, private or hybrid cloud from working with multiple enterprises in his previous roles. He is very well versed with multiple tools and frameworks in the DevOps ecosystem. As a Solutions Architect in the Field Services team Andy is focussed on our customers' success in using Atlassian Data Center products.

Denise Unterwurzacher headshot

Denise Unterwurzacher

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Atlassian

Denise has been with Atlassian for nearly 7 years, initially working in the Support team, helping large customers successfully run enterprise scale applications. She then spent 2 years in the Confluence development team, focusing on stability at scale, and most recently has made the move to the internal IT team as a technical owner of Atlassian's mission-critical Jira and Confluence instances. She was instrumental in the successful migration of those systems to AWS, and the ongoing improvement of the services.

Jennifer van Leeuwen headshot

Jennifer van Leeuwen

Enterprise Support Engineer, Atlassian

Jennifer has been supporting Atlassian products for the last four of a 20 year career of helping customers implement complex software solutions. She came to Atlassian as a Confluence support engineer and pivoted into Jira a short time later. While at Atlassian, Jennifer has assisted our largest Enterprise Customers with their deployment and usage of (allthethingsJira) on our Premier Support team. Just shy of two years ago, she became one of the founding members of the Priority Support team. As a Priority Support engineer, Jennifer works tirelessly to make sure that our new Data Center customers are successful in their roll-out and adoption of Jira Data Center.

Steve King headshot

Steve King

Senior Product Manager for Enterprise, Atlassian

アトラシアンに 4 年以上在籍しており、最近では、パブリック クラウド インフラストラクチャでアトラシアン製品をデプロイおよび管理する方法の改善について取り組んでいる。この 10 年間、大手テクノロジー企業や公的機関向けのクラウド インフラストラクチャ プログラムを手掛けた他、フェデレーション検索、地理空間アプリケーション、コラボレーション、コンテンツ管理、組み込みの消費者インフラストラクチャ システムなど、エンタープライズ アプリケーション向けのスケーラブルなクラウド ソフトウェアの設計に取り組んできた。Steve のチームは、インフラストラクチャのニーズに対応し、企業のスケーラビリティに対する障壁を取り除くという顧客体験の向上を絶え間なく追求している。

Adam Brokes headshot

Adam Brokes

Principal Developer, Atlassian

Adam is bringing more than 10 years of experience in IT from different deployment environments. He started in Atlassian more than 4 years ago and was part of the Bitbucket and Confluence products. Recently formed a team responsible to make Data Center deployments easier and faster for our customers. Within this time he led improved AWS Quickstart templates and contributed to AWS Aurora, Azure and Docker projects. Adam is always very passionate to improve customer and admin experience and make their life generally easier.