Automate Actions During Incidents Using Opsgenie

Opsgenie Actions enable teams to integrate with 3rd party automation platforms and trigger automated tasks when an action is taken in Opsgenie.

We’ll cover:

  • Two ways to setup an Action Channel via AWS systems manager or the REST endpoint
  • How to automate tasks directly from Opsgenie using an Action Policy
  • How to use the API to execute an AWS Lambda function to create a custom Jira ticket


Shaun Pinney headshot

Shaun Pinney

Sr Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Jira Service Management チームのシニア プロダクト マーケティング担当者。エンタープライズ IT チームの効率と生産性を向上させて、より少ないリソースでより多くのことを行う方法に対して情熱を注ぐ。家族と過ごしたり、スキーやマウンテンバイクをしたりすることが大好き。

John Meier headshot

John Meier

Solutions Engineer, Atlassian

John is a Solutions Engineer at Atlassian, with a background in Software Development and IT Operations. For the past several years, John has acted as both a Customer Success Manager and Solutions Engineer at Opsgenie, where he built custom solutions for customers, assisted in the integration of various monitoring, ITSM, and ticketing tools, and provided technical support to the Opsgenie sales team. At Atlassian, his mission is to utilize his technical expertise to support Atlassian customers and make them as successful as possible.