LPM metrics: Data-driven insights that deliver value

Learn how a lean portfolio management approach with the the right metrics and data helps teams develop a continuous feedback loop that ensures they're always delivering customer value.

A winning portfolio strategy requires teams to agree on how they will measure success.  Projects that span more than a year often leave teams unsure if they're on the right path and driving toward out-of-date goals. A lean portfolio management approach based on shorter cadences and continuous delivery, with a focus on the objective evaluation of working systems, helps teams develop a continuous feedback loop that ensures they're always delivering customer value. 

Watch this final part of a three-part series for a conversation about identifying the right measurements for your organization's goals and how to capture the data you need. In this presentation, Rune Kølle Christensen, an SPCT and SAFe Strategic Advisor, along with Derek Huether, a Jira Align Senior Solutions Engineer, discuss the best practices for how to glean insights from data to help drive better decision-making.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to align on the top-priority objectives you need to meet
  • The importance of leading indicators that tell you when you're on the right track
  • Steps to determine the best metrics that help your team make decisions
  • How to capture the right data so you can iterate with confidence


Rune Kølle Christensen headshot

Rune Kølle Christensen

SPCT & SAFe Strategic Advisor

Scaled Agile, Inc. のシニア コンサルタント兼 SAFe トレーナー。テレコム、金融、エネルギーの各分野で 20 年以上にわたって大規模なアジャイル ソフトウェア チームと協力してきた。予測可能性を高め、市場投入までの時間を短縮するために、リーンアジャイル プラクティスの導入を支援している。

Derek Huether headshot

Derek Huether

Principal Solutions Engineer

Derek Huether is a member of the Solutions Engineering group at Atlassian, where he helps companies reach better outcomes, transform their organizations and unleash the potential of every team. Over the last 20 years, Derek has helped transform how people work at companies such as Walmart, GEICO, Capital One and more. Derek was one of the Delivery Management track founders for the International Consortium of Agile, which included him defining and detailing learning objectives in areas of Agile Project and Delivery Management and Delivery at Scale. He is the author of two books, Metrics Cookbook and Zombie Project Management and has published over 600 online articles.