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Employee handbook template

著者: アトラシアン

Build an empowering work culture and communicate company policies

Employee handbook

There’s a lot to consider when creating an employee handbook. You have to set employee expectations, communicate company policies, and convey a positive work culture in a single document. Get started in the right direction with our employee handbook template. Our template will help make sure you design a handbook that includes the information your employees need to succeed.

employee handbook テンプレートの使用方法

Step 1: Create a handbook introduction

Start with the big picture by adding a welcome message to your handbook. This is an opportunity to convey your company’s culture and vision for your products and customers. Use the template to describe your company’s history, values, and goals.

Step 1: Create a handbook introduction

Step 2: Add employee policies

Once you’ve described your company’s culture and values, use the template to communicate more detailed information to your employees. Start by including basic information employees need to quickly access, such as office addresses and phone numbers. Then use the template to describe your code of conduct and list employee policies and procedures. You can @ mention teammates to get feedback about what information you should include.

Step 3: Describe employee benefits

As you work with partners and stakeholders to add employee policies to the template, make sure you’re also including information about employee benefits. Your handbook should include information about payroll, office perks, and any other benefit your company offers. You can also use the template to include business travel information and expense reimbursement policies.

Step 3: Describe employee benefits


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