Striving for Continuous Improvement

At Atlassian we know that "doing" Agile is just a step on the journey to "being" Agile. The Kaizen Project provides you insight into the best performing Agile teams around the world so that your own team can continuously improve.

Whatever your methodology, we are all striving towards one common goal, delivering value to our customers.

Agile Practice Guidebook

Kick Start Innovation with ShipIt Days

Every quarter Atlassian gives employees the chance to work on anything that relates to our products and ship it within 24 hours - hence the name, ShipIt Day.

Find other companies that have run a ShipIt Day and learn why innovation activities such as ShipIt Days are great for cultivating a brilliant company culture.

Develop Innovative Ideas with 20% Time

20% Time provides individuals and teams extended time to think 'outside the box'. Atlassians can take one day a week or accrue days and take a block of time to work on their own project.

This time is often spent on ideas that an individual or team are passionate about, but that never made it to the product backlog.

Before taking the leap and introducing 20% Time you may wish to kickstart a culture of innovation by playing an Innovation Game with a group of customers.

Prototype and Test Ideas

Prototypes allow you to quickly get feedback from customers and iterate to deliver a brilliant user experience. Usability testing via paper prototypes is one low cost way to gather this feedback.

Of course, there are also product teams which go straight to higher fidelity prototypes or in-product spikes.