Investing in innovation

Atlassian is helping modernize the financial sector while helping teams adhere to industry regulations.

How finance teams use Atlassian tools


Collaboration and documentation

Teams use Jira and Confluence to document and manage financial reports, track work, and make internal employee communication more transparent.

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Code, build and ship

Tools like Bitbucket and Bamboo help teams collaborate on code, test, and deploy faster with built-in continuous delivery.

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Increase efficiency

Jira Software and Confluence keep work moving and teams aligned to meet business and security requirements.

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Confluence is used as a central knowledge base of training materials and blog articles to expedite onboarding and support hypergrowth. 

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Featured finance customers

Janus Capital

Jira Software increases efficiency for business teams at Janus Capital


ABN AMRO used Portfolio for Jira to restructure its teams for an agile transformation


BlackRock manages 500 releases per week with Jira Software

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