Opsgenie + Slack

Opsgenie's integration with Slack allows you to consolidate alerts from your monitoring tools, and other systems in Opsgenie and then take action from inside Slack - assign users, snooze alerts, and add notes.

"The mobile app and Slack integration have given people a way to effectively interact with alerts, which we were sorely missing before."

David Veits

Lead Application Support Analyst, Kent State University

Alert management with Opsgenie's Slack integration

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Save Time and Manage Alerts in Seconds

Create and take action on Opsgenie alerts from inside Slack, including assigning users, snoozing alerts, and adding notes - all from Slack.

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Enhance Collaboration

Set up a unique instance of the Opsgenie/Slack integration for each of your teams, and route alerts to the right team at the right time.

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Slack Approved

Install Opsgenie’s Slack App with one click from the Slack Directory.

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Link user profiles between Opsgenie and Slack to ensure only authorized users have access.

See how Opsgenie works with Slack